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Waterworks Lamson Konic II Fly Reels

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Item #: F24271001
This product is no longer available.

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Waterworks Lamson Konic Fly Reels

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Waterworks Lamson Waterworks Lamson Konic II Fly Reels feature pressure cast ALDC12 aluminum alloy construction for lightweight durability with machined internal components. The ported spool and frame design make these reels extremely lightweight. The signature "Lamson" arm-style element on the frame combines with open spokes to maximize structural strength and minimize weight.

The Konic II is built with the same rock solid, conical drag system as all other Waterworks Lamson reels. The stainless steel zero-lash roller clutch uses ramps and rollers instead of gearing that has teeth or steps, for the smoothest possible transition. No spikes or jolts when the drag is engaged.

Additional features of the Waterworks Lamson Konic II Fly Reels include:

  • Pressure cast ALDC12 aluminum alloy frame and spool
  • Conical drag system and stainless steel roller clutch
  • Fully ventilated spool and frame
  • Large arbor design
  • Easy off, pull style spool removal
  • Easy retreive direction conversion
  • Lifetime Warranty
  • Made in the U.S.A.
  • Spool color is light matte gray, frame color is matte black

Konic II Fly Reels feature an anodized finish that is then coated with a 100% solid polyurethane to resist gouging and abrasion.

The table below describes each of the Konic II Fly Reels.

Waterworks Lamson Konic II Fly Reel
Line Wt.Capacity
1.5 II1.00"3.10"4.403-4 wt.WF4+100 (12)
2 II1.10"3.40"4.705-6 wt.WF6+100 (20)
3.5 II1.22"3.70"6.107-8 wt.WF8+200 (20)
4 II1.25"3.90"6.809-10 wt.WF10+240 (30)


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