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Water Gremlin Bull-Shot Bullet Shaped Split Shot is Gremlin’s unique bullet shaped split shot. It’s an easy and effective way to add a little weedless weight to your line. Bull-Shot works great for finesse fishing or split shotting. It’s as easy to use as Water Gremlin's Split Shot and as weedless as any slip sinker.

Water Gremlin Bull-Shot Bullet Shaped Split Shot is made from squeezable soft lead that has an S-curved jaw that grips the line without damage. Squeeze it on with your fingers and pry it open with a thumbnail. No tools or teeth needed. These weights are offered in small plastic resealable packs.

The Water Gremlin Bull-Shot Bullet Shaped Split Shot is made in the U.S.A.

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Water Gremlin Bull-Shot Bullet Shaped Split Shot
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Alberta - central and southern lakes/resevoirs
Novice Angler
 VERY convenient
Pros: in line planer boards for post spawn walleyes, fast changes when you guess required weight incorrectly
Cons: do not keep weeds and flotsam away from lure as does a bottom bouncer, ... or as does a 3 way
Best Uses: Walleye spinner fishing in shallows, Walleye shallow running cranks including Scatter raps and neutrally buoyant lipless cranks
Comments: much easier than trying to find the correct weight of bottom bouncer when trolling post spawn Walleyes in shallows, IMO. i can make an error of 1/8 oz or more and correct it in a less than a minute because there is no need to remove and retie a botton bouncer of a new weight. I just add a weight or remove a weight and replace with a new one, and it is all "pinch on" or thumbnail "off"
Erie pa
Novice Angler
Pros: Cast geat
Comments: Great weights use them all the time , they are great for casting
 Bull-Shot Bullets
Pros: Less hang-ups on weeds
Comments: Love these little sinkers. I use the smaller sizes for fishing plastic trout worms and even power bait. Less hang ups on weeds than the other shots and no need for pegging like other bullet weights. Good item to have.
Palm Bay, Florida
 Fine tune your depth.
Comments: This product comes in numerous sizes and it's a great benefit for productive Bass fishing. This is one of the few stores that I could them in a nice 1/64 ounce size. The bullet shape makes it very weedless that is a nice feature.
rainbow sam
Bellevue, WA
 i would buy this product again
Comments: there are some lily pads growing in the lake, and these bullet shape weight dont get hung up as much as other. (fishing from shore in small lakes for trout.
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