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The Wapsi Hard Foam Saltwater Poppers - Hook Kits are a large popper with an extra-thick body. Lightweight, hard, and durable popper bodies are easy-to-use to create perfect popping bugs of all types.

We carry the Wapsi Hard Foam Saltwater Poppers in the size 2/0 and size 2.

Each kit comes in a pack of ten poppers and includes ten hooks.

Customer Reviews
Chris Johnson
Pittsburgh PA
 Not bad for an inexpensive kit
Pros: easy to use, quality hook, correct size hook for foam, affordable
Cons: groove needs a little more depth to fit hook properly
Comments: Styrofoam needs a little routing to get a good fit with the hook. I used an eyeglass screwdriver to remove material to get the hook to seat evenly within the foam. Painted with water based acrylics and sharpies, then sealed with Devcon 5m epoxy. Airbrush would be ideal. So far they have held up to some abuse. Decent quality hook.
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