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The Wapsi Hard Foam Bream Poppers - Hook Kits are a tiny cylinder-shaped popper with a slotted face that are great for finicky bream. Lightweight, hard, and durable popper bodies are easy-to-use to create perfect popping bugs of all types.

We carry the Wapsi Hard Foam Bream Poppers in the size 12 and 10.

Each kit comes in a pack of ten poppers and includes ten hooks.

Customer Reviews
Inman, South Carolina
 Wapsi Hard Foam Bream Poppers-Hook Kits
Pros: Durable and catch fish like crazy.
Cons: Hard to make.
Best Uses: Bass and sunfish.
Comments: First let me say it is nice that the hooks are included. Makes things much nicer. The poppers are not easy to make. The #12 size is especially hard as the foam body slot is the same size for both the #12 and #10. That means the bodies are very lose for the #12 making it very hard to keep the hook in there to glue it. I would not buy the #12 again. Besides #10 works great for bluegills anyway. The next problem is making a hole for the rubber legs. You cannot just poke a pin through the foam. And you cannot drill through it as the drill bit slips all over the place. The only thing is to heat a needle and poke it through. I had to make a tool out of a safety pin of the appropriate size. I cut the pin off at the latch, drilled a hole in the end of a 5/8" dowel, and glued the pin in. Made it much easier. The poppers when you get them done really catch fish and seem to be durable. I caught 96 bluegill on one and it was still in fine shape. Would have caught many more except that I lost it in a monster bass that broke my 2x tippet. They are definitely worth all the trouble to make them. I used nail polish to paint them. Wonderful stuff and comes in endless colors.
 Great Bream Poppers
Pros: Easy to use, Good selection
Best Uses: Surface poppers for bream
Comments: Easy to use and work well.
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