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Wapsi is a name all fly tyers should know. This great American company, for years, has delivered the finest quality fly tying materials and has helped usher in new and unique products that have revolutionized the fly tying world.

Wapsi's Deluxe Fly Tying Starter Kit delivers everything needed to start into the world of fly tying. Quality tools, hooks and materials, it's all here, and all while keeping with the Wapsi tradition of quality.

The Deluxe Fly Tying Starter Kit starts off with a solid starter vise with a fixed angle head and a materials spring clip. The vise features heavy duty construction and is easy to use. This kit is also loaded with a variety of useful tools that will last you many years.

This kit also includes a Wapsi Fly Tying Starter DVD that provides tying tips as well as gives step by step instructions for tying 17 of today's best dry flies, wet flies, streamers and terrestrials.

The Wapsi Deluxe Fly Tying Starter Kit includes the following tools, hooks and materials:


  • Heavy-Duty Vise
  • Tying Bobbin
  • Hackle Pliers
  • Scissors
  • Bodkin/Cement Needle

Lightning Strike Hooks:

  • Dry Fly, sizes 12, 14 and 16
  • Nymph/Wet Fly, sizes 10 and 16
  • Scud/Emerger, sizes 10, 12 and 14
  • Streamer/Nymph, sizes 6, 8, 10 and 12


  • Bucktail Pieces
  • Marabou Feathers
  • Deer Body Hair
  • Rabbit Zonker Strips
  • Saddle Hackle Feathers
  • Rooster Neck Feathers
  • C-D-C Feathers
  • Mallard Flank Feathers
  • Partridge Soft Hackle Feathers
  • Pheasant Tail Feather
  • Dubbing
  • Peacock Herl
  • Chenille
  • Poly Yarn
  • Leech Yarn
  • Round Rubber Legs
  • Stretch Tubing
  • Fly Foam
  • Krystal Flash
  • Cyclops Eyes (Bead Heads)
  • Lead Eyes
  • Cone Heads
  • Head Cement
  • Lead Wire
  • French Tinsel
  • Ultra Wire
  • Tying Thread


Review Summary
(21 Reviews)
of customers would recommend this product.100%
Reviewer Profile:   Beginner (8), Avid Fisher (6), Professional (2), Casual/ Recreational (2)
Easy To Use (17)
Functional (12)
Durable (8)
Easy To Maintain (6)
Great Price (2)
Best Uses
Fresh Water (10)
Salt Water (4)
Traveling (4)
Fly tying (3)
Fly Fishing (2)

Customer Reviews
little river s.c.
Pros: Easy To Use
Best Uses: Fly Fishing
 Wapsi Deluxe Fly Tying Starter Kit
Pros: Easy To Use
Cons: needs more tools
Comments: Very good kit but has left out a few tools for the more experienced like a whip finisher a dubbing tool and a bobbin threader all of which you can do without but would complete the kit also a website for additional fly patterns would be great.Overall very pleased.
Alex G.
United States
 Dressing rear treble hooks for crank baits.
Pros: Easy To Use, Great Price, has everything needed and then some.
Best Uses: all-inclusive, incl.fresh and salt water.
Comments: I recently decided to dress the rear treble hooks for my hand-carved crank baits,but knew nothing about the process,which kit would be right for this particular project,etc... So, I called Fish USA and spoke with a very knowledgeable rep who guided me to the right purchase to succeed in my project. This kit has all I need and I'm currently working on developing my skill at dressing my trebles. Thanks again you guys!! Another terrific job putting me on the right product to succeed.
 Great Starter Kit!!!!
Cons: Thread
Comments: I love this kit, has a lot of materials.
 Excellent Value
Pros: Functional, Easy To Use
Comments: The vise has rather large jaws and a fixed angle but it is VERY sturdy. The kit has a lot of very small hooks that a warm water (non trout) fisherman like me doesn't really need. Good selection of feathers, fur and misc. materials. All-in-all a very good starter kit!
New Jersey
 Everything you need to get started tying
Pros: Functional, Easy To Maintain, Easy To Use
Best Uses: Traveling, Salt Water, Fresh Water
Comments: Just started tying after years of fly fishing. Was always afraid to start working on those tiny flies. You just need to get started by purchasing this kit to see if tying suits you. Kit contains all materials & instructions to tie many patterns. No need to piece together all the different items seperatly, works right out of the box. Sure you'll eventually like to upgrade from this Super AA Vise, but you'll always have it as travel spare. Recomended...
 Great Kit for a Beginner!
Pros: Great Price
Cons: Instruction booklet
Best Uses: Fresh Water
Comments: Bought this kit because I wanted to try out fly-tying, obviously! I was shopping around for a better-than-average kit, and couldn't be more impressed. The manual seemed slim at first, but the more I use it, the more second-nature it became. I did use a few YouTube videos to build the confidence at first, though. FishUSA has the best price, and they shipped same day to an FPO address, great service. I would definitely recommend this kit to anyone wanting to give fly-tying a try, and here is the place to get it!
Grand Rapids, MI
 Great Flies
Pros: Easy To Use, Lots of flies
Best Uses: Fly Fishing
Comments: The fly tying kit is great for beginners or for any fly tier. Everything is labeled and their are great flies.
 great product
Pros: Durable, Easy To Use
Comments: This is a great starter kit. Comes with lots of material to get started.
Metairie La 70005
 I would buy this product again.
Pros: Durable, Easy To Maintain, Easy To Use
Best Uses: Fresh Water
Comments: Kit supplied fly tying hand book,in which all material sent could be used to tie flies listed in hand book. Materials, hooks, threads, etc explained and easy to understand. Highly recommended for beginners.
Jim L
Pittsburgh, Pa
 Great kit at a good price
Comments: Just completed a fly tying class. This kit is a good way to continue fly tying and is a good value. Wide variety of materials and good quality.
Pros: Functional, Easy To Use, IT DOES EVERYTHING IT PRO, Durable, Easy To Maintain
Best Uses: Fresh Water, Traveling
Apollo, PA
 Excellent Kit!
Pros: Functional, Easy To Use
Best Uses: Fresh Water, Salt Water
Comments: Great kit to get started, lots of material to tie a bunch of patterns and the tools are decent too.
Bruce the noob
 Very satisfied
Pros: Easy To Maintain, Functional, Durable, Easy To Use
Best Uses: Fresh Water
Comments: I had never tied a fly in my life and after just 30 minutes, I was admiring my first fly. Good variety of materials and easy to follow instructions. I'm happy.
bakersfield ca
 happy with product
Pros: Functional
Best Uses: Traveling, Fresh Water
Comments: everything a beginner needs!!
 "just what the fisherman ordered"
Pros: Functional, Easy To Use
Best Uses: Salt Water, Fresh Water
Comments: Really great for a beginner and includes everything you need
chattanooga TN
 good product
Pros: Durable, Functional, Easy To Maintain, Easy To Use
Best Uses: Fresh Water
Comments: Very good kit would get it again and again
Great Purchase
Pros: Functional, Easy To Use, Durable
Best Uses: Fly tying
Comments: Book is good and easy to follow. All the materials came well labled and in good shape. Great starter kit.
las vegas, nv
 great product
Pros: Easy To Use, Durable, Functional, Easy To Maintain
Best Uses: Ice Fishing, Fresh Water, Salt Water, Traveling
Comments: everything you need to start and even for more advanced users
FishUSA Staff
Erie, Pa
Professional Angler
Great way to get started
Pros: Functional, Quality tools, Easy To Use
Best Uses: Fly tying
Comments: This product is a great way to get introduced into fly tying. The kit includes a reference book with 17 different flies, each fly recipe has great pictures and step by step instructions. All materials and tools to tie these 17 flies are included.
FishUSA Staff
Erie, PA
Professional Angler
Outstanding beginner fly tying kit
Pros: Easy To Use, Durable, Functional
Best Uses: Fly tying
Comments: This kit comes loaded with all the materials needed to tie 17 of the most common flies. It also includes a reference book with step by step instructions for each fly. The tools and vise included are of the best quality.
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