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The TripZ Divers - Size 50 allows the angler to target specific depth ranges when trolling. The TripZ features a patented release so you fight the fish and not the diver during the retrieve. This feature also aids when changing out lures. The release is fully adjustable and releases on the strike. The TripZ Divers - Size 50 dives to approximately 50 feet. The multiple depth setting allows for slight variations in depth to target fish in areas outside the standard setting.

The TripZ Divers are buoyant and float at rest, perfect for trolling structure, back-trolling large rivers and trolling big water. The internal rattle and custom finishes attract fish from a wide area.

Specifications for the TripZ Divers - Size 50 can be seen in the Specifications tab above.

TripZ Divers - Size 50
Line Out (ft.)Diving Depth (ft.)
Customer Reviews
The Sea Fox
Apollo Pa.
 Excellent results on Walleyes.
Comments: Easy to rig,adjust and reset. Great to use off of planer boards.
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