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The Lurk Disco 4 Trolling Divers are the next generation of directional divers. This family of divers have heavy-duty hardware and locking mechanisms. The directional adjustment works with a locking system that will not unlock and change depth or direction.

The Lurk Disco 4 Trolling Divers have no additional rings as with other divers. Lurk has created the True Sizing System to simplify in choosing the right size diver.

Features of the Lurk Disco 4 Trolling Divers include:

  • Patented 'no ring' design
  • Dial a direction weight system
  • Trips when fish hit
  • 4" in width
  • Target depth of 50 - 80 feet

Specifications for the Lurk Disco 4 Trolling Divers can be seen in the Dive Chart tab above.

Dive Chart
Lurk Disco 4 Trolling Divers
30 lb Power Pro @ 2.0 - 2.2 MPH
Dive Chart
Line Out (ft.)Setting 0
Depth (ft.)
Setting 1
Depth (ft.)
Setting 2
Depth (ft.)
Setting 3
Depth (ft.)
Customer Reviews
 worked as advertised
Pros: Easy to use
Comments: great for trolling,best used with a line counter reel for proper depth.A little trial and error to get the release set just right
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