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Walker Deeper Divers - (82mm)

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Walker Downriggers has created the next generation directional divers, the Deeper Diver. This family of divers have heavy-duty hardware and locking mechanisms. The directional adjustment works with a locking system that will not unlock and change depth or direction. The Deeper Divers also match all current diver charts.

The Deeper Divers - (82mm) have no additional rings as with other divers. Walker Downriggers has created the True Sizing System to simplify in choosing the right size diver. We carry the Walker Deeper Divers - (82mm) in the colors shown in the table below. The 82mm size, 3 1/4", will dive 8 to 44 ft.

Deeper Diver Colors - (82mm)
Candy Apple Red
Candy Apple Red

CopperMetallic Green
CopperMetallic Green

Metallic PurpleOrange Black Tiger
Metallic PurpleOrange
Black Tiger
Works as advertised
About Me:
Best used with line counter reels for depth control. Good for more shallow trolling or with lighter gear.
Pros: Easy to use
Cons: none
Best Uses: Trolling