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As the name implies, the Ultra Pack is designed to exceed all expectations for the serious winter angler. This innovative pack offers features like an enclosed 9 amp, 12 volt battery controlled by a master on/off switch. A D-130 digital battery status indicator comes standard along with a 1 amp digital battery charger, protected external charging ports, universal transducer holder, "dead stick" rod holder and even your own Vexilar tackle box! One look and it is obvious the Ultra Pack from Vexilar lives up to its name.

Each FL-20 Ultra Pack is factory assembled and tested.

We stock model UP2012D - with a 12o Ice-ducer. Each model also comes with the DD-100 Digital Depth Indicator System. The DD-100 provides a constant digital read-out of the bottom depth as well as the battery status with the push of a button.

Features of the FL-20 Ultra Pack include the following:

  • Vexilar FL-20 flat screen flasher
  • Adjustable rod holder fits on either side
  • D-130 Digital Battery Status Indicator
  • Easy access external charging/power posts
  • Ice-Ducer support bolt fits in three positions
  • Master power switch
  • Non-slip bottom
  • Enclosed battery compartment
  • Quality 9 amp SLA battery and automatic 1 amp digital charger
  • Ultra Pack fits in five gallon bucket
  • Pre-drilled holes for optional accessories
  • Super strong handle with float holder
  • Cable storage and holding grips
  • Tackle box holder with tackle box included
  • Transducer holder fits all sizes of Ice-Ducers
  • High profile for easy access to controls and great display visibility

The Vexilar FL-20 flat screen flasher is the core of the Ultra Pack. The hallmark of the FL-20 is its bright, three color display. It presents bottom contours and types, vegetation, structure, fish, and bait fish in a multiple color display. The colors indicate the signal strength of the return echoes. Strong echoes are displayed as red marks, weak echoes are shown as green, and medium strength echoes are orange. The multiple color display gives you a great advantage over any single color depth sounder. The ability to instantly spot and identify bottom and fish targets have proven to be simply revolutionary to the world of modern day ice fishing. The new flat screen design eliminates snow build up and can be viewed at a wider angler than other flasher units.

The FL-20 is also equipped with features like a built-in shallow water mode for fishing waters under twenty feet deep, six and twelve foot auto zoom ranges, five depth scales down to 200 feet and built-in interference rejection. The three color LED technology has proven to be the most reliable and accurate way of understanding where fish are holding.

Features of the FL-20 Flasher included with the Ultra Pack include the following:

  • High Resolution Flat Display - High speed, 525 bit, three color LED display. A backlit depth scale display for easy visibility in low light conditions
  • Three Color Signal Indication - Red indicates a strong signal, orange indicates a medium signal, and green indicates a weak signal
  • Six and Twelve foot auto zoom ranges
  • Five Depth Scales - 0-20', 0-40', 0-60', 0-80', and 0-200'
  • Exclusive Interference Rejection technology - Use the IR circuitry to knock out interference from other, close by electronics.
  • There are 10 different IR settings
  • Power and Sensitivity - Hi Power, 200 kHz, 400 watts peak-to-peak, transmit and ultra sensitive receiver separates targets to as close as 1"
  • Adjustable sensitivity control
  • Weatherproof high impact case

Additional specifications of the FL-20 include:

  • Power output: 400 watts peak-to-peak (50 watts RMS)
  • Frequency: 200 kHz
  • Target resolution: 2.65" minimum
  • Display resolution: 0.5" normal / 0.3" zoom minimum
  • Target ID: .5" minimum
  • Transmit rate: 40/sec
  • Power consumption: 275 MA at 12 VDC
  • Unit dimensions: 4.4" high x 6" wide x 2.5" deep
  • Flasher weight: 1.1 pound
  • Manufacturer's warranty: 2 years


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Durable (6)
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Customer Reviews
 very good product.
Pros: easy to use, Love the split screen, fits in a 5 gal bucket
Cons: heavy
Comments: My hummingbird 55 went down and I was in a pinch. My buddies have vex products and like them so I gave the fl-20 ultra pack a try. Very nice product. the 6-12 ft bottom zoom feature is great for panfishing suspended crappies to bottom hugging perch. It doesn't have the color palate the bird does but works just as well. Now my boy has his own flasher.
jim with the happy w
detroit lakes,mn
 love the vexilar
Pros: Easy To Use, Durable, Easy To Maintain, Functional, Love the split screen, The add-on light, The digital battery
Best Uses: Ice Fishing
Comments: love the charging the battery by having the posts out front also watching the the digital battery readout to see what percentage of juice is left.The spilt screen comes is a excellent feature to have.
Lake George NY.
Not good for deeper water
Pros: Easy To Maintain, Easy To Use, Durable, Functional
Best Uses: Ice Fishing
Comments: If you are using this unit in shallow water ( under 50' )it does everything as advertised.I fish Lake Trout in deeper water and the flasher looses the jig,it fades in and out,I have made all the adjustments possible including maxing out the gain ,no improvement.I have sent it back to Vexilar and they said it is in perfect running order.
south West PA
Dont fish without it !!!!!!!
Pros: Easy To Use, Functional, Durable, Easy To Maintain, New features
Best Uses: Ice Fishing, Fresh Water, Fishing brush, Fishing weeds
Comments: Turned unit on and started cranking slab crappies out the hole!!!!! by the end on the day i caught tons of fish!!!! Best money i have ever spent for ice fishing!!!!!{besides my fish trap]
Colt 2245
Elkhart, Indiana
Vexilar FL-20 Ultra Pack by Vexilar
Pros: Easy To Use
Best Uses: Ice Fishing
Comments: I bought this locator last year, it was really something to try,it worked great,I had 2 holes drilled put it down one hole,you can watch your bait go down to the bottom,when a fish comes in it will turn Red, start jigging it watch it bite it, it was a lot of fun,the hole that had the locator in it, I caught 8 to one from the other hole you can see when they are there, I would recommend this very highly to anyone that whats to catch fish,its a little costly but you will never be sorry you bought it ,GO GET THEM.
Up North , Minnesota
A must have addition to your arsenal
Pros: Easy To Maintain, Functional, Durable
Best Uses: Ice Fishing, Fresh Water
Comments: Ice fish a lot up here in Minnesota, and this FL-20 is by far the best unit I have used. It was expensive out of the box, but the sensitivity in all conditions make it worth the extra cashola. When I can watch my bait travel through 50 feet of water and set it a foot off the bottom consistently, well its amazing. I recommend this unit highly.
Finger Lakes, NY
Pros: Easy To Use, Easy To Maintain, Durable, Functional
Best Uses: Ice fishing
Comments: This flasher is TERRIFIC! It's designed for the hard water fisherman. For example, it fits PERFECTLY in a 5 Gal. bucket for transport and protection. With the color display, it's easy to see the bottom vs weeds vs fish and it's sensitive enough to see a 1/16th oz jig in 20' of water! It operates all day long on a single charge and it's powerful enough to give you the water depth through the ice, making it easy to pick out the best spot to fish. A+++++
Mike R
Southern, MN
Viewing made better
Pros: Versatile
Best Uses: Freshwater Fishing
Comments: For what its worth, I'm a Vexilar guy anyway. The new FL-20 just improved something that was hard to improve on in the first place. The new screen on this flasher makes it easier for your buddy sitting next to you watch you work. I like that fact. I also like the new zoom options. Fishing in shallow water always seemed to make me believe that the zoom didnt matter. Now fishing with the FL-20 I realize that even in 15 feet of water, the zoom option really helps to put your favorite jig right in the strike zone. My advice would be, if you're going to buy a flasher make sure to buy it when you have the cash to buy an FL-20... The others are good, but why not have the best. The $ difference isnt much between the other models anyway...
Bristol, NY
Pros: Lightweight, Versatile, Durable
Best Uses: Freshwater Fishing
Comments: I thought that this unit was way too expensive but, after using it, it's worth every penny! Ice fishing in 20' of water, I could put my lure right in the stike zone! It even picked up a 1/16th oz lure with a mousie. Congrats to Vexilar for a SUPERB design and to fishusa for offering it a great price!
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