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Vexilar FL-20 Genz Pack

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Item #: F87098251

Years in the making, this classic design has been improved even more by ice fishing legend Dave Genz. Dave has made his Vexilar FL-20 Genz Pack "Blue Box" nearly indestructible so it will last for years of hard use. Genz redesigned the battery storage compartment and added a universal transducer holder system.

The Vexilar FL-20 Genz Pack can also accept the full line of Vexilar accessories like a Battery Status Indicator, Vexilar Flex Light or even a Dual Beam IceDucer transducer. It comes completely assembled and ready to fish with. It also includes an instructional video. The Blue Box fits on top of a five gallon bucket for easy access and handling while fishing.

We stock model FL-20 w/12o Ice-ducer. This Genz Pack comes with a 7 amp hour 12 volt battery and charger, transducer and flasher.

Features of the FL-20 Genz Packs include the following:

  • Pre-tapped transducer support eye-bolt
  • Specially designed base fits on top of five gallon bucket
  • Pre-drilled holes for optional accessories
  • Built-in transducer holder fits all sizes of Ice-Ducers
  • Easy access semi-closed battery compartment
  • Large cable storage compartment
  • Free instructional DVD

The FL-20 is the next generation of three-color, flasher/fish finder technology from Vexilar. The stylish new look of the FL-20 with its streamlined, flat surface area delivers a larger display that won’t trap rain or snow and increases the viewing angle by 50 percent. The simple to operate system only requires two control knobs. The FL-20 offers ten steps of interference rejection and a 20´ Low Power range setting option for use in super shallow water or thick weeds. A new enhanced receiver gives you cleaner signals and less noise.

Effective for both summer and winter use, the FL-20 has a built-in Interference Rejection technology that lets you fish side by side with almost any flasher, LCR, LCD or graph with interference-free operation. The adjustable switch lets you knock out interference between you and another depth finder. FL-20 anglers can even fish two depth finders in the same ice shelter or boat. It allows you to have two FL-20's close together on a boat or in a fish house without the annoying interference.

The Auto Zoom mode is fantastic for watching Perch or Walleye while ice fishing. These fish commonly hold tight on the bottom, and with a target ID of less than 1/2 inch, the FL-20 makes them easy to spot!

Features of the FL-20 flasher included with the Genz Pack include the following:

  • Super-bright LED Flat Screen Display - 525 segments, three color display
  • Five depth ranges down to 300 feet plus Low Power range option
  • 10 interference rejection settings
  • 6 foot and 12 foot Auto Zoom Ranges
  • Built-in low battery indicator
  • Special night mode setting for comfortable night viewing
  • Target ID of less than 1/2"
  • Weatherproof high impact case
  • Uses all Vexilar FL series transducers

Additional specifications of the FL-20:

  • Power output: 400 watts (variable pulse width, peak to peak)
  • Frequency: 200 kHz
  • Current draw: 200 ma at 12V DC
  • Display resolution: 525 segments
  • Unit dimensions: 4.8"H x 6"W x 2.4"D
  • Unit weight: 1.1 pound
  • Manufacturer's warranty: 2 year (1-year on battery)
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