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The Vexilar Deptherm Depth and Temperature Gauge is an easy to use tool that allows you to quickly measure water temps at certain depths. Each species of fish has a preferred temperature range for active feeding and with the Vexilar Deptherm finding these fish holding temperature zones is a snap.

To use, attach the Vexilar Deptherm to your line and let it sink to the depth desired. Hold the Deptherm in place for 30 seconds and retreive. The depth side of the Deptherm shows the depth the unit reached in feet. Flip the Deptherm over and the temperature at that depth is displayed in farenheit or celsius.

The Vexilar Deptherm Depth and Temperature Gauge features a handy fish preferred water temperature range guide on the back of the packaging. The Deptherm is Vexilar model 104.

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Chattaroy, Washington
 Necessary equipment
Pros: Inexpensive
Best Uses: Trolling
Comments: simple to use and accurate
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