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Color: Black Nickel
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Color: Black Nickel
Color: Tin Red

VMC 8574 Barbarian Treble Hooks are forged from extremely tough and lightweight Vanadium Steel. It offers up to 25% increased strength over the material used in regular hooks. The Cone Cut point is a chemically sharpened, second to none, premium point offering extremely fast and effortless penetration power. The TLC (Technical Locking Curve) allows maximum transfer of energy toward the point when setting the hook. Once set, the hook is locked. 25% improved hooking guarantees you to catch more fish.

Features of the VMC 8574 Barbarian Treble Hooks include:

  • 2X Strong
  • T.L.C. (Technical Locking Curve)
  • Forged
  • Vanadium Steel
  • Cone Cut Point

Each package contains seven hooks.

Customer Reviews
Southern California
 Ok, not too bad
Comments: These VMC's do live up to what the company claims, better hooking ratio, however they are pretty week , definitely not close to owner 2x strong. I was trying them for halibut on hardbaits, and they are definitely not made for that. If I would get a perfect Hookset where the fish would be hanging on the bend then they were ok, but any other way they got chewed up like a paper clip and even brake off . So these trebles definitely don't go with bony mouths.
Kimberling City,MO
 Good and sharp
Comments: I like the old Zara Spooks but old hooks are not that sharp. These are great to change out with
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