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VMC SureSet Treble Hooks feature two standard points with the third point elongated. This design along with an inline eye is proven to create more hookups as replacement hooks your favorite long-lipped crankbaits. This hook won the US Fishing Industries "Best New Fish Hook of the Year" Award. The VMC SureSet is available in standard Black Nickel and in the eye catching Red Tin finish.

Features of the VMC SureSet Treble Hooks include:

  • Forged Vanadium Construction
  • Sure Set design
  • Black Nickel and Red Tin finishes
  • Cone cut points

Each package contains four hooks.

VMC recommends using the SureSet Treble Hooks only as the rear hook on short-lipped and lipless lures.

Review Summary
(27 Reviews)
of customers would recommend this product.96%
Reviewer Profile:   Avid Fisher (10), Professional (3)
Strong (10)
Good For Variety Of Fish (7)
Good hook set (4)
Easy To Handle (4)
Very sharp (4)
Best Uses
Fresh Water (9)
Trolling (7)
Deep Water (6)
Shore Casting (3)
Salt Water (3)

Customer Reviews
Lower Laguna Madre
Sure set
Pros: Simply catches more fish
Best Uses: Saltwater Fishing
Comments: These hooks are awesome for Speckled Trout!!
United States
 review A ++++
Pros: Good hook set
Comments: Love these hooks , best hook on the market
Lake Wylie, SC
Advanced Angler
 Best rear hook for my deep cranks
Pros: Very Strong Sharp, Fish stay hooked, Good hook set, Best hooks for deep crankbaits
Comments: I started using these hooks for my deep crank baits about four years ago and they have now become a must. They are super strong yet surprisingly very snag free. Once a fish is hooked, he stays hooked. I replace the rear hook on all my deep cranks straight out of the package with the VMC Sureset hooks. I originally bought these at Bass Pro but now buy them at because they are so much cheaper.. Try them.. You will like them. Good Luck!
milwaukee wi
 great hook
Pros: Very sharp, very strong
Comments: i use it for tip up dead bait hook stays in great
Jenkins Township, Pennsylvania
Awesome hooks!
Pros: Great Design, high quality, Very sharp
Cons: wish they were available in a short shank
Comments: I use these on the majority of my crankbaits and especially my topwaters. The design is revolutionary in that when properly installed the hook is much closer to the body of the lure allowing it to be more snag resistant, yet it doesn't decrease the hook ups with fish. I can not recommend these hooks enough. They are extremely sharp and retain that sharpness as well as any other high quality hook. Only option that I wish they would offer is a short shank option. Aside from that I can not find a fault with these hooks at all.
Splendora TX
 Great Hooks
Pros: Extremely Sharp, very strong
Comments: These are great strong hooks. Very sharp and hold up well. Would highly recommend using these.
Southern Arizona
 Great Replacement Hooks
Pros: Very sharp, Durable, Red Color
Comments: When fishing for largemouth bass, I usually replace the treble tail hooks on my crankbaits with VMC Sureset 1x Strong Treble Hooks. Since I fish very weedy waters, upsizing the hooks causes too many snags, so I go with the same size treble to make ripping easier. The number of bass I catch on the in-line, extra large, stinger type hook justifies the trouble and expense.
 The sure deal.
Pros: Good hook set
Comments: The name says it all. The minnow hangs more naturally from the extended barb and you'll miss less fish - the extension greatly enhances the likelihood of setting the hook on anything that grabs onto it.
mike mac
United States
 Good Quality Hooks
Pros: great concept, Up the catch rate
Cons: will bend on larger fish
Comments: These hooks do work as advertised and do not seem to tangle any worse in your net than a regular treble hook. They seem to be a slightly finer wire than others but do hold up other than fish over 10 lbs seem to tear them up a bit. I would recommend these to anyone who likes to walleye fish and troll. Work great in these applications and do not seem to affect lure action. Great hooks but are a little pricey. Hope it helps.
Great Lakes, Detroit, MI
 Sure-Set Sure-Thing!!
Pros: Eliminates missed strikes, Fish stay hooked, Extremely Sharp, Suprisingly Strong, Best hooks for crankbaits
Cons: Just be very careful when lipping fish, they catch humans too!
Best Uses: More short striking fish
Comments: These are the best hooks I've ever used. I have never missed a fish. Once the fish bite, these hooks bite!! Even when fish try to shake them off they only manage to get the other set hooked into themselves. I recently caught a large pike on a medium sized crankbait that had #6 Sure-Set's and although it bent the off-sized hook, it did not break nor did I loose the fish, I simply straightened out the hook and kept on fishing. True story! I have them on every lure I own and will be putting them on any others I intend to buy. Great product.
Olean, NY
 Advantage when Spooning
Comments: When jigging for walleyes in Lake Chautauqua Jamestown, NY.....we have a bit of an edge over the standard treble hook, thus increasing our catches.
 Best hook for Crankbaits
Comments: I use thes hooks for variuos size walleye hard baits for trolling and usually have a better hook rate and seem to attract better with the tin red hook.
BBQ Bill
New Jersey
 VMC 5536 Sure Set Treble Hooks
Comments: I first became aware of this hook design when I purchased several of the Rapala "Dives to Series" of lures which have this hook as standard on the trailer. The "Hit to Hook" rate is VERY good! It took me quite a bit of seaching to find the VMC Sure Set hooks and that is when I found FishUSA. I am replacing the trailer hooks on many of my other lures with this design (large spread hook pointed up). Please note: These hooks are extremely sharp and I recommend a "Split Ring" pliers such as the Xuron 496 to spread the split ring apart to remove the old hook and install the new. I will be purchasing more items from you in the future and am especially looking forward to the new Rapala "Scatter Rap" series of lures. I keep checking to see when they will become available. Your shipping was very reasonable also. I will look here first for any future tackle purchases.
Big Bear
High Point, NC
 The only hooks I use on Crankbaits
Pros: Best hooks for crankbaits, Strong, Simply catches more fish
Best Uses: Fresh Water, More short striking fish, Deep Water, Shore Casting
Comments: Great for any type of crankbait.
Lexington, KY
Pros: Easy To Handle, Irresistible to Fish, Good For Variety Of Fish, Strong, Easy To Store
Best Uses: Fresh Water, Deep Water, Trolling
Comments: I replace the factory hooks on all of my trolling baits with these. They increase hit-to-hook ratio, and holding power of the cranks. On days when the crappie, or walleye are hitting a little short on the troll these hooks are the difference between fish in the live well, and boat ride. I pull cranks on six rods and when hooking up on 2-4 at a time these hooks usually hold the fish long enough for me to land every hookup.
Crofton, Md.
 Excellent product. Will purchase more.
Pros: Easy To Handle
Best Uses: Live lining
Comments: I lose less fish with these hooks when live lining.
Gloucester,Va 23061
 Great as a trailer hook!!
Pros: Strong, Very sharp, Eliminates missed strikes
Cons: Effect lure action
Best Uses: Salt Water, Top water trailer, Shore Casting
Comments: I dress all of my (saltwater) top water and shallow water trout and red fish baits with these Sure Set hooks. I also add feathers in verious colors with crystalflash to accent the lures apperance in the water. They are popular additions to lures in my area. I don't recommend using them around shore line stumps or hang ups, THEY WILL GET HUNG UP ON STRUCTURE. Great open water hook.
Knoxville, TN
 VMC Sure Set Treble Hooks
Pros: Strong, More hook ups, Good For Variety Of Fish
Best Uses: Fresh Water, Trolling
Comments: I've swapped out most of my treble hooks to use the new VMC Sure Set. The elongated third hook that's inline with the eye really helps improve hookups.
Murfreesboro, Ar.
 vmc sureset hook
Pros: Strong, Light weight, Sharp
Best Uses: Fresh Water
Comments: Schooling fish chasing very small baitfish require lures whose gap is often so small it misses a lot of strikes. These increase the hook rate without increasing the weight enough to affect lure action.
newquay, cornwall england
 A very reliable hook,for the salmon.
Pros: Strong, Easy To Store, Easy To Handle, Good For Variety Of Fish
Best Uses: Fresh Water, Trolling, Deep Water
Comments: spinning for salmon
A Able Fishing
Flathead Lake, Montana
Professional Angler
 The ONLY replacement treble I use
Pros: Proper weight, Red Color, Strong, Hook and stay hooked, Good For Variety Of Fish
Cons: Availability
Best Uses: Trolling, Deep Water, Jigging, Fresh Water
Comments: Best hooks I have found to use when tying my own squids, tubes, tinsel flies. Awesome replacements on tail of "FlatFish" type lures. Rapala/VMC need to make these hooks easier to find and buy, that's my only complaint is they are hard to source, for consumers as well as vendors...
big meech
breaver creek colorado
Professional Angler
 best hook. for icing 30lb + pike :-)
Pros: Strong, Easy To Handle, Easy To Store, Good For Variety Of Fish
Comments: This product is great for my uses as the extended hook fits thru the dorsal area of dead bait exposing the other 2 for hook UPS everytime.
Mo Fisch
Kalispell, Mt.
Professional Angler
Great catch ratio
Pros: Up the catch rate, Good For Variety Of Fish, Good hook set, Strong
Best Uses: Spoons, Salt Water, Trolling, Fresh Water, Deep Water
Comments: I own and operate a charter business. I run 5 fishing boats. I have switched out the standard treble hooks and put on the sure set hook. My fish to the net ratio has gone up, and I see no reason to NOT use the sure set hook. Not one failure in the past 3 years.
Schertz, Texas
 Treble Hooks
Pros: Strong, Good For Variety Of Fish
Best Uses: Trolling, Salt Water, Fresh Water, Shore Casting, Deep Water, Jigging
Comments: This new design sets hooks. Very good for saltwater trout. Put the shrimp on bottom hook cast catch fish. Con red coating comes off easily.
Fairbanks, Alaska
 Super easy hook sets
Pros: Fish stay hooked
Cons: Hard to get the hook out
Best Uses: Trolling, Ice Fishing, Fresh Water
Comments: I used them for quick strike rigs. first time using them I got a 35in Northern Pike. These are great hooks. Once fish are on they stay on. Only downfall is that it can be pretty difficult to get the hook out sometimes.
Cabot Ar
 item just what i need and ordered thanks
Pros: Great Design, Durable
Best Uses: Freshwater Fishing
Comments: used on all my old baits that need replacement hooks and they work great. wiht the extended hooks it seems to catch more fish.
West Coast Fl
 Save your $$$
Best Uses: Saltwater Fishing
Comments: Bending and breaking hooks on #4,6,8 sizes with 12lb test. I'm using them on spoons and the hook up ratio is worse compared to a standard treble hook.
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