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Spring Fly Fishing Sale
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The Top Brass Peg-It gives anglers the ability to peg their glass and plastic beads to create split-shot and mini Carolina Rigs. After the bead has been pegged, it is fully adjustable on the line to change leader lengths. The Top Brass Peg-It can also be used to peg (keep in place) plastic bead egg imitations for trout, salmon, and steelhead. The Top Brass Peg-It is made of a soft and durable plastic/silicone material that will not damage your line. These measure approximately 1.5" in length, and can easily be trimmed to your liking.

Made in the USA.


Silicone implants
Allentown, Pa
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Another good idea for the use of silicone to peg your troutbeads to your leader and it stays put. Won't damage your line. Easy to adjust the egg bead position on your line.
Pros: Easy to use, Won't damage line, Holds beads in position
Cons: None
Best Uses: Fresh water