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The Thill Shy Bite Float is specially designed for detecting light bites that standard floats and bobbers don't reveal. The slender, low impact shape makes this a great float for panfish and trout on still waters and slow streams. The Shy Bite is perfect for use with small hooks and split shot or small jigs.

These floats comes individually packaged and includes float sleeves for line placement. It has a hi-vis orange and yellow top for easy visibility on the water.

light bite
Westlake OHIO
About Me:
Not Specified
In mid summer bluegill fishing one need a bobber that will respond to the lightest touch. When the fish are just sitting there holding the bait instead of running with it like they do in springtime.
Pros: sensetive
Cons: none
Best Uses: still water windless days
Thill Shy Bite
Parish, NY
About Me:
Avid Fisher
I've used this float for quite a few years...started in the early 90's on Kentucky Lake for bedding bluegills, tough to beat when weighted properly.
Pros: Good For Variety Of Fish, Easy To Store, Easy To Handle
Cons: none
Best Uses: Fresh Water
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