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The Thill Mille Lacs Center Slider Floats work great as an all around slip float, whether it be deep fast flowing rivers or still waters. These floats also work great when the winds are blowing creating strong surface currents. The Thill Mille Lacs Center Slider Floats can even be used for vertical jigging techniques and ice fishing.

The Thill Gold Medal Center Slider Floats come one per package. The weight indicated in the size is the amount of weight the float will support and still function properly.

Customer Reviews
 Did not take long
Comments: Used the float for two days and caught many fish. Casting hard from shore with all the weight it would hold with the yellow on the float still exposed. At the end of day two had to take float off cause jig and weights would not sink. The 6 lb test mono going through the float created groves and was getting caught up in the plastic.
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