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The Thill Crappie Corks feature a lateral line, allowing you to detect even the lightest of bites. With the proper amount of weight, the cork floats on the lateral line. When properly weighted, if the bottom section (yellow color) becomes visible or part of the top section (pink color) dips below the water a bite is indicated. No bobber stops or beads are needed with the Thill Crappie Cork, a bobber stop comes on the stem cork. The Thill Crappie Corks feature a small diameter insert that grabs the bobber stop removing the need for a bead. The spring on the bottom stem also allows for fixed float rigging. Suggested lure weights are printed on the float making selection easy.

The sizing indicates the amount of weight these floats will support and they are made in the U.S.A.

good color and weight for crappie slip bobber
yo. ohio
About Me:
work well on line and moves freely
Pros: great for fishing crappies
Cons: none
Best Uses: fishing pan fish
Thrill Crappie Corks
Western New York
About Me:
Have not used this Thrill Float yet but have used a lot of other Thrill floats and are my choice for a good float per price. Would expect this Crappie Cork to work just as the many other Thrill floats I have.
Pros: Light, two way use, colorful easy to see.
Cons: None
Best Uses: Crappie fishing with live bait