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Terra Rotating Spring Action Vise

The Terra Rotating Spring Action Vise is a "C" clamp fly tying vise with a brass and non-glare black finish. The Rotating Spring Action Vise is perfect for the entry-level tyer just starting out and wanting a basic vise. This vise features an economical price but is extremely well made and is built to last.

The Terra Rotating Spring Action Vise is easy to use, just squeeze and release. The spring action jaws securely hold the hook in place.

Features of the vise include:
  • Spring action jaws
  • Specially hardened steel jaws
  • Adjustable jaw angle
  • Deluxe combination of brass and no glare black finish
  • Extra wide table C-clamp
  • Fully rotatable
  • 3/8" vertically adjustable stem
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Well Made (3)
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spring jaws (2)
rotating body (2)
Somewhat stiff action (2)
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Customer Reviews
Canandaigua, NY
 Good vise
Pros: Good Value, Well Made
Comments: The spring action is a little stiff, but the jaws really hold the hook securely, which is what I consider to be most important. Clamp holds the vise securely in place. Definitely a good value, especially for a beginning tier like me.
arlington, VA
 a revelation
Pros: price
Cons: none yet
Comments: I am coming from a garbage budget vise that came with a low-end tying kit. I can't really even compare that to this: its like a Cadillac versus a Yugo. It makes me wonder how much better the super expensive vises really are because I see no faults so far. I've tied a few dozen size 16-20 midges and nymphs with no issue. I cannot yet speak to long-term reliability however.
United States
 Great Vise
Comments: This vise has great jaws. They hold the hook very firmly and are pretty easy to use. A little stiff at first, but they will break in quick. Good purchase
 Great value, great vise.
Pros: Good Value, spring jaws, Well Made, Inexpensive, rotating body
Cons: Somewhat stiff action
Best Uses: Tying any types of flies
Comments: This vice is a great value, only ~$30 for an excellent vise. I saw some other vises that were extremely similar, but for sale for over $100. The spring is very tight and holds hooks extraordinarily well. The C-clamp is also very secure and doesn't move around, loosen or fall off. For a beginner vice, it was all that I needed but turned out to be much better than expected.
East Tennessee
 Good enough to share with others
Pros: spring jaws, rotating body, adjustable rotation torque, Good Value
Best Uses: tying craft hair jigs
Comments: I bought three of these vises for my fishing buddy, brother, and son. I have used one for years and have been very pleased with the value of this vise. I use mine to tie everything from flipping jigs to craft hair jigs and the adjustable rotating feature of this vise allows you to rotate the lure as you add colors while holding the hook secure, features similar to much more expensive rotating vises.
the Driftless Area of Wisconsin
 Excellent inexpensive vice
Pros: Inexpensive, Well Made
Cons: Somewhat stiff action, Too many tools required
Comments: Most inexpensive vices are not this well made and don't have as many useful features.
newport, pa
 don't judge this vise by it's price
Comments: i haven't had a problem with it and have tied over 4 dozen flies. don't care for the allen wrench to change the angle, but that is a matter of putting a new screw in it's place.
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