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Spring Fly Fishing Sale
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The Terra Fly Tying Bobbins are an economical alternative to some of the pricier fly tying bobbins. Economical, however, does not mean "cheap" when it comes to quality.

The Deluxe Ceramic model features an extremely durable ceramic tip that is resistant to grooving. The Deluxe Ceramic bobbin is a great choice for all sizes of thread, including kevlar. The Deluxe Ceramic model measures four inches in length.

The Standard w/ H.D. Tube model is great for holding larger denier thread. This model features a larger tube, making it a breeze to clean out excess thread wax build up. The larger size of this bobbin is also well suited for larger hands. The Standard w/ H.D. Tube model measures 412 inches in length.

No more broken thread
About Me:
Avid Fisher
After using the Terra ceramic tip bobbin my thread breakage is minimal,I was using a different brand (non ceramic) and I was constantly having thread breakage,no more,I will use nothing else now,highly endorse.
Pros: smooth
Cons: none
Best Uses: fly tying
United States
About Me:
I have been using all kinds of bobbins for the last 60 years form chase to umpqua and this is as nice as any of them for two reasons ceramic! on each end of the tube. EXCELLENT
Pros: v-nice bobbin for all uses
Cons: nose of bobbin a little to large for very small flies like 18 and smaller.
Best Uses: everything