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Terminator Titanium Single Strand Leaders are great for a variety of fishing situations. When fishing into heavy cover with expensive lures, these leaders give you the edge you need to bring that fish out of the lily pads. These leaders also excel when targeting any toothy species when monofilament leaders just won't do.

Featuring nickel titanium construction, these leaders stretch like monofilament and stay straighter than comparable sized plain steel leaders, which tend to curl up after a fish or two. All leader sizes come in a low-vis, non-reflective smoke black finish.

Features of Terminator Titanium Single Strand Leaders include:

  • 30 ft. length
  • Made of nickel titanium that stretches like monofilament
  • Can be rigged with a simple clinch or albright knot
  • More cut proof, kink proof, and lasts longer than ordinary steel wire
  • Corrosion proof
  • Low visibility, non-reflective smoke black finish
Customer Reviews
United States
 Terminator Titanium Single Strand Leaders
Comments: This stuff is amazing for making leaders. I use it when trolling deep cranks for walleyes.
Up north
very good leader
Pros: good product
Cons: hard to tie
Comments: I bought this product a couple of years ago and had no problems with this product. The only issue i had with it is tying the knots.
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