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Terminator T-1 Series
Spinnerbaits - 1/2 oz.

Terminator T-1 Series Spinnerbaits are Titanium lures that last longer, never need to be re-tuned and always snap back to original shape. Only Terminator holds a patent for titanium-framed fishing lures. These premium T-1 Series Spinnerbaits feature this tough titanium construction in addition to quality hooks and hardware and durable silicon skirts and paint.

Standard features of Terminator T-1 Series Spinnerbaits include:
  • Realistic metallized baitfish head design
  • Painted Gold or Nickel plated blades
  • QuickSkirt changeable premium silicon skirt
  • Premium ball bearing swivel
  • Exclusive beveled edge blade design creates more flash and baitfish look in the water
  • Premium VMC hook
Terminator T-1 Series Spinnerbait are available in the following blade styles and blade colors:

Blade Styles
  • Colorado/Oklahoma (CO)
  • Colorado/Willow (CW)
  • Oklahoma (O)
  • Willow/Willow (WW)
Blade Colors
  • Nickel (N)
  • Nickel/Nickel (NN)
  • Nickel/Gold (NG)
  • Gold/Gold (GG)
  • Gold/Nickel (GN)
These Terminator T-1 Series Spinnerbaits comes in 1/2 oz. size.

We stock these spinnerbaits in the lure colors and blade style/blade color configurations shown below.

Black Red Flake (T12CO21NG)Black Red Flake (T12O21N )Blue Shad (T12CW42NN)Blue Shad (T12WW42NN)
Black Red Flake
Black Red Flake
Blue Shad
Blue Shad

Bright White Shad (T12CW01NN)Bright White Shad (T12WW01NN)Chart. White Shad (T12CO02NG)Chart. White Shad (T12WW02NG)
Bright White Shad
Bright White Shad
Chart. White Shad
Chart. White Shad

Clown (T12CO41NG)Clown (T12WW41NG)Hot Tip Chartreuse (T12CW18NG)Hot Tip Chartreuse (T12WW18GG)
Hot Tip Chartreuse
Hot Tip Chartreuse

Sharp Chartreuse (T12CW04GG)Sharp Chartreuse (T12WW04GG)Silver Shad (T12CW44GN) Silver Shad (T12WW44NN)
Sharp Chartreuse
Sharp Chartreuse
Silver Shad
Silver Shad

To order, please select a lure configuration from the list above.

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Customer Reviews
Belgrade, MT
Novice Angler
 The best spinnerbait
Pros: Action, durability
Best Uses: Bass, Northern Pike
Comments: I was tired of spinnerbaits that broke and that you needed to re-tune after every fish. Several years ago I switched to the T-1 spinnerbaits and haven't looked back. No more tuning and only break if I do something stupid like picking the fish up by the blade side of the bait. If you are using terminator leaders for pike fishing get some small O-rings and put them over the r-bend to keep the spinner from slipping through the snap.
 T1 Spinnerbaits
Comments: Great bait in the spring. The gold oklahoma blade #5 with the silver colorado blade combination gets their attention prespawn. durable, and flexible
Pros: Tough and ease of use.
Best Uses: Pike, bass.
Comments: Great for pike bass even walleye. Great hook sets. The only spinnerbaits to use.
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