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Tag Alder Tackle Dickey Rod Saver The Tag Alder Tackle Dickey Rod Saver features an ingenious design that will save your ice fishing combo from being dragged down a hole by that unexpected fish.

To assemble, simply insert the threaded leg into the red hub. Put the ice rod, in between the handle and the first line guide, into the slot and turn the treaded leg until the rubber pad secures the rod in place. Make sure the "Dickey Rod Saver" logo is facing the rod handle. Next, lock the opposite spring-loaded leg in the down position and your ready to fish.

If a fish bites and your not around to grab the rod, the Dickey Rod Saver's spring-loaded leg will pop out into the open position before the ice fishing combo goes down the hole. While open, the rod saver measures approximately 15" across.

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 Review of Dickey rod saver
Pros: works well
Cons: rods too short
Comments: Good product, but I wish the rods were a little longer. On a 10 inch hole a large fish can still pull the rod into the lake.
Avid Angler
 Must have!!
Pros: saves rods
Comments: This thing will save your rod. I lost one of my rods even this though it was on a Berkley's rod holder. I also have the bass pro shop green holder and it's no good either. I wish I had known about this sooner.
rod holder
Comments: Best thing ever invented for ice fishing have saved every one of my rods at least once
 Rod Savers
Pros: Saved my rod on several occasions.
Cons: Hard to find, Screw in leg must be threaded in straight
Best Uses: Ice fishing...saving rods from agressive fish!
Comments: I bought seven of these. Used them years ago ice fishing and recently returned to Colorado and the sport. After looking all over Colorado Springs, resorted to ordering them on line. Works as described, these have saved my poles many times. Must make sure they stay attached to your rod base. Some thin rods required some electrical tape to make sure the rod saver would tighten up on them. I bought seven on line and two of them the rubber nipple on the screw in leg was off center, causing it to be hard to thread in to the body straight. This has been my only issue. Once started straight and used a couple times, they loosen up and it becomes a non issue. It would be an issue if you couldn't get the leg started straight.
 do loose your rod to a fish
Comments: Using this rod holder - will secure your rod and prevent to lose your rod to a fish if you walk away from a fishing ice hall.
 Great setup!
Pros: Great stand for ice rod
Cons: Hard to find
Comments: I had these on my rods when I was a kid 30 years ago. They are hard to find in the East. Better than the cheap setups that you get a [@]
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