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Swiss Straw, also known as Raffia, is a thin straw like material. This material absorbs water to help reduce the buoyancy of the fly. Swiss Straw is great for wing cases on nymphs, backs on scuds, sow bugs, shells for crayfish, and shrimp patterns.

Swiss Straw can be colored with permanent marker once on the fly to customize your pattern.

Each package contains approximately 15 feet of material.

Swiss Straw is made in the U.S.A.

Ginger Swiss Straw
About Me:
A great product! It is durable and easy to handle. Ginger is the perfect color for tying Hexagenia limbata (a.k.a., Hex) nymphs. Details like thorax and abdomen segmentation can be drawn in with a color Sharpie. There is a generous amount of material in the package.
Pros: Easy to use, Durable, Excellent color match
Cons: None Specified
Best Uses: None Specified
Great for wing cases
About Me:
This stuff looks great for wing cases and scuds. Many other uses.
Pros: Easy to use
Cons: none
Best Uses: Wing cases, scuds
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