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Sunline Fine Float II Monofilament Line combines the unique favorite, Fine Float line, with new P-Ion technology. Plasma Ion technology allows the surface of the fishing line to be treated and manipulated to create the perfect line for any situation. P-Ion technology gives the floating line slickness, water repellency, color development, and hydrophilic properties. Sunline Fine Float II Monofilament Line reduces guide and float friction while keeping just the right amount of float, making it a great choice for your needs.

Sunline Fine Float II Monofilament Line comes in bright yellow and has a spool length of 165 yards (150 m).


Sunline Fine Float II Monofilament Line
Review Summary
(26 Reviews)
of customers would recommend this product.88%
Reviewer Profile:   Avid Fisher (14), Professional (2)
Easy To Handle (10)
Fish Don't Escape (4)
Strong (4)
Good visibility (3)
Great Float line (3)
Best Uses
Fresh Water (6)
float fishing (3)
Center Pin and Spinning line. (3)
Float fishing. (2)
Steelhead float fishing (2)

Customer Reviews
Novice Angler
 Very good Japan product
Comments: Very good for floats and winter time
smock pa
 absolutely amazing (from prior model)
Pros: Great Float line
Best Uses: ctr pinning
Comments: been ctr pinning for 4 yrs. heard about siglon but never used until now. what a difference it makes . if you float fish you MUST use this line.
 siglon floating is the best (from prior model)
Pros: Slick and Strong. High vis. Floating line., Light weight
Comments: This the best floating line i have used.
 Buona visibilit√† (from prior model)
Pros: Great Float line
Comments: Highly visible, ideal for fishing in small streams
 Great line (from prior model)
Pros: Easy To Handle, Slick and Strong. High vis. Floating line., Abrasion resistant, Fish Don't Escape, Good visibility
Best Uses: Center Pin and Spinning line.
Comments: This is my second season using Sunline FF on my center pin and I couldn't ask for a better line. From strength to ease of handling Sunline is the ticket for center pinning. Hopefully this line will last two season now that I have got a handle casting the pin.
Sudbury, Ontario, Canada
 Sunline Float Line (from prior model)
Cons: Price
Best Uses: Center Pin and Spinning line., Float fishing., Steelhead float fishing
Comments: this stuff is amazing! expensive but worth it! I landed 30 steelhead on it yesterday all between 3-8 lbs and had no troubles at all. Extremely high visibility line and pulled off the water with no resistance what so ever! Great line for strength and durability along with performance! Well thought out line for float fishing!
Steelie tracker
British Columbia
 Sunline Siglon FF (from prior model)
Pros: Slick, Strong. High vis. Floating line., Supple, Slick and Strong. High vis. Floating line.
Best Uses: Center Pin and Spinning line.
Comments: Got my line in the mail last week and immediately had to try it out. This line is everything previous posative ratings had to say about it. Easy to see, Supple , Slick, Strong and also easy to mend with no memory. And yes, it does FLOAT. However, I must say that I haven't had it out in really cold weather yet. It's been around 15C this week. I now have it on my Centre Pin as well as on my Stella. Imagine my surprise when I saw no "line twist" Feeds out slick and straight on both reels. Thanks to the previous individuals who have left comments about this line, This line will make my future fishing seasons a pleasure. I doubt that I'll change line Brands any day in the future.
British Columbia
 Line breaks!! (from prior model)
Pros: Floats, soft and supple, Strong
Comments: I have been using this line in 16 20 strength for center pin fishing. It is a good line ,soft and supple and it floats.But if you get twists and kinks, it will break at points where kinks have occurred . I have had these lines break 3 times.Twice I cast the line out and hook, line, and sinker were lost as the line broke apart.
Western New York
 Best steelhead float fishing line out there (from prior model)
Pros: Strong, Thin, Light weight, Good visibility, Floats, Abrasion resistant, Slick
Cons: Expensive but worth it, Only 164 yards on a spool
Best Uses: Steelhead float fishing
Comments: If you are a serious steelhead fisherman then you owe it to yourself to try this line out. It has great visibility, a slick finish, is light weight, good abrasion resistance and very strong for its small diameter. being thin and light weight makes it very easy to get drag free drifts by not having any of the line touching the water. If its very windy or you've got a hero drift going then the line is easy to see and mend, and also allows you to get better hook sets because of its flotation. Glides through the guides smooth and silent. I use this as a main line on a center pin reel in 12lb and use 4-6lb test leaders and I can't tell ya when the last time I lost a float was. If you cast correctly and set your rig up correctly by using a micro swivel below your float and another micro swivel at the bottom of your shot line you WILL NOT have any line twist. Also when spooling onto a center pin make sure you have a helper hold the spool of new line with a pencil through it keeping tension, with the new line coming off the bottom!
Professional Angler
Pros: VERY easy to see in H20, Easy To Handle
Best Uses: Drift fishing salmonoids
Comments: i live in the rocky mtns and i use this line specifically for drifting a float on sm to med size streams. i use the 6# with 7.5# fluoro shot line and 4.5# fluoro leader. the line does float somewhat although it is super fine and can be pulled under easily by current. It is so fine that it really isnt that mendable but you dont need to mend it. What is really amazing to me is the ability to pull the line up off the water effortlessly without moving the float. This way i can maintain direct contact with the float for good hooksetting ablity and keep my offering near the bottom on a good dead drift. For me that is what makes this line really good for the certain situations where im using it. NOTE THAT USING THIS LINE I AM USING A 9' SHIMANO CONVERGECE AND A SPINNING REEL WITH A GOOD DRAG AND A SLIP BOBBER WITH THE ABOVE MENTIONED LEADER AND SHOT LINE. THIS IS THE RIG I USE WHEN WATER IS HIGHER AND OFF COLOR. GENERALLY IN LOW CRYSTAL CLEAR WATER I STRAY AWAY FROM HIGH VIS LINE AND FLOATS ALLTOGETHER. hope this helped, keninthezone. and check out my youtube for the fish this catches :)
Fish Machine
lansford PA
 Super Line (from prior model)
Pros: Strong, Easy To Handle
Best Uses: float fishing
Comments: Line floated well, was easy to handle, and casted well.
Professional Angler
 Good for center pin (from prior model)
Pros: Supple, Floats good for mono
Cons: Twists, Lots of stretch, Expesive
Best Uses: float fishing, Cold Conditions, Fresh Water
Comments: I have been using pline hydro float on my c-pin for years, but thought I would give this a try. Overal it is a good line, but having gone from hydro float to this, the stretch of mono takes some getting used to. Overall this is a great mono like line for a pin. I did however have some twisting issues that I never had with hydro float.
Olympic fisher
Sequim, WA
 hard to find till now... (from prior model)
Pros: Strong, Great Float line
Comments: have been using the orange line as the green has been difficult to find. it is a little finer than the raven line and has worked well with summer run and winter run steelhead.
Float line yes, Floating line no. (from prior model)
Pros: Easy To Handle
Comments: I purchased this line because it was advertised as a floating line. Well it sinks like a rock. It is a very easy handling line though with no memory which makes it ideal for float fishing.
corning, ny
 solid float fishing line (from prior model)
Pros: Easy To Handle
Comments: This line really gives you some nice advantages over conventional mono when floatfishing. It floats so mending line is made easy for longer horizontal drifts. But I think the line really shines in the winter time. It sheds water very easily and reduces ice up in sub 30 temps.
Signlon FF line - Good Stuff (from prior model)
Pros: Easy To Store, Easy To Handle, Good For Variety Of Fish, Fish Don't Escape
Best Uses: Jigging, Fresh Water, Deep Water
Comments: Very good line. Didnt tangle at all. A friend was using another brand that kept tangling consistently. I will continue to use Siglon FF line.
Brunswick, OH
 Very visible and durable (from prior model)
Pros: Fish Don't Escape
Best Uses: Fresh Water
Comments: Great float fishing line with a centerpin or open face, very visible, land the big one with this line.
Shelton, CT
 A great line (from prior model)
Pros: Easy To Handle
Cons: You'll need a shot line
Best Uses: float fishing
Comments: Because it is yellow you will probably need to use a shot line. Very visible in the water so you and other anglers can see it.
Sebastopol, CA
 Great for float fishing (from prior model)
Comments: Great base line for float fishing. Mends much more easily than traditional mono.
Grand Blanc, MI
 Best Float Fishing Line (from prior model)
Pros: Fish Don't Escape, Easy To Handle, Easy To Store, Good For Variety Of Fish
Best Uses: Fresh Water
Comments: Using it for winter steelhesd fishing but see no reason why you couldn't use it for any species when float fishing.
Parts Unknown, CT
 Great line. (from prior model)
Comments: I love this line in fluorescent yellow. I can see it easily and so can other fisherman. It comes off the spool nicely and holds up to the most powerful steelhead. Great product.
 Siglon FF Fluorescent Yellow Monofilamen (from prior model)
Comments: Terrible line. No abrasion resistance, and tensile strength! WIll never buy again!
Fair Oaks CA
 Great Line (from prior model)
Pros: Easy To Handle
Cons: Beware of the diameter
Best Uses: Fresh Water
Comments: This is a great line for float fishing. Beware of the fact that this line has a very small diameter. This causes the line to break under less pressure than other lines on the same test. I recommend using a higher pound test. With other lines I use 8# on my center pin, but with this I use 10#.
Western NY
 Good for float fishing main line (from prior model)
Pros: Easy To Handle
Best Uses: Float fishing.
Comments: I use 15# FF as the main line for my centerpin then use 10# flouro for my float/weights and 4# or 6# flouro below. FF floats better than basic mono, and seems to resist twisting/tangling a bit better. For sure its easier to de-tangle.
 Good stuff (from prior model)
Pros: Good visibility
Cons: Expensive
Best Uses: Fresh Water
Comments: Supple and visible
 great line (from prior model)
Comments: this line was great on my float real, it floated nicely and resisted line twisting
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