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StrikeMaster Honda Lite Power Ice Augers

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StrikeMaster Honda Lite Power Ice Augers feature VANDAR long filament high impact synthetic handles that yield the strength of an army with the weight of a single firearm. At a total weight of only 23 lbs., the StrikeMaster 4-stroke does all the heavy lifting with pure lean muscle mass.

Honda Lite Power Ice Augers are environmentally conscious and fully emission certified, so anglers can rest assured the only holes they’re opening are in the ice - not the ozone layer.

Features of StrikeMaster Honda Lite Power Ice Augers include:

  • Honda 35cc 4-Stroke OHC engine
  • VANDAR long filament high impact handles
  • Signature StrikeMaster steel drill
  • Polymer Gear Casting yields lightweight power
  • Environmentally conscious, emission certified
  • 22.9 oz. fuel tank capacity
  • Manufacturer's Limited 2-year warranty on Honda Engine

StrikeMaster Honda Lite Power Ice Augers

Review Summary
(8 Reviews)
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Reviewer Profile:  
"Light weight" (3)
honda motor (2)
Light weight (2)
"quiet" (2)
"easy to start" (2)
everyone wants you to drill their holes (2)
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Customer Reviews
United States
Great auger
Pros: works well
Cons: Ocational throttle sticking issue
Comments: Great auger, used in -30 no problems starts 2nd pull every time, no problem carrying on its side in the sled. Note if ice gets on throttle cable it can freeze up until thawed, happens usually Once a season with me. I just take it in the shack and thaw it out, but again not often just once in a blue moon.
Fantastic auger
Pros: "Light weight", "easy to start", cuts great
Cons: Not the fastest, but will easily get the job done
Best Uses: Great if you have to carry everything by hand because its so light
Comments: After my 1988 Jiffy finally died, I wanted a light weight replacement. This fit the bill nicely. Its light, quiet, and does what its designed to do.
Granger Indiana
 Cuts through ice like butter
Pros: "Light weight", "easy to handle", "easy to start", "quiet", Cuts ice like butter
Cons: everyone wants you to drill their holes
Comments: I received the StrikeMaster Honda-Lite Power Ice Augers for my January birthday. It starts so easy if you remember to turn on the switch. It fits perfectly in a Jet sled and it cuts through 17 inches of ice like butter. I received the 8 inch drill and is sized just right for my needs. Thanks FishUSA this has made ice trolling a lot more fun .
New Hampshire
 2013 Honda-Lite Review
Pros: "Light weight", "quiet", and "easy to handle".
Cons: Price
Comments: For the past eight years I have been a co-owner of a first generation Strikemaster 4 stroke. As it is often difficult to share an auger, there was no doubt in my mind what auger I would purchase for myself. Although, I did encounter one initial problem, this matter was quichly resolved with a new replacement gas cap thanks to Strikemaster's great customer service. Here in New Hampshire we primarrily target Black Crappie and therefore cut a lot of holes; this unit provides plenty of torque, it's easy to handle, and much easier on the ears compared to a 2 cycle. Believe StrikeMaster made the right move selecting Honda as their engine of choice and consider the Strikemaster Honda 35CC Lite the, "Cadillac", of the ice augers.
Edwardsburg, MI
 Great Auger
Pros: easy to start., Light weight
Comments: Fantastic auger. Recently used it on a trip north. 20 inches of ice and temperatures ranging from -10 to 30. Punched hole after hole with no problems. The light weight made it a pleasure to auger multiple holes at a time. No worries about leaking oil or mixing fuel. Started on first or second pull every time.
Doug N.
 Extremely pleased!
Pros: honda motor, Light weight, Easy to handle
Cons: Should come with a cover
Comments: Glad to have purchased StrikeMaster Honda-Lite Power Ice Auger! Easy starting light weight. Spend the extra money, you won't be disappointed!
 Great Auger!
Pros: weight, honda motor, ease of use, quite
Cons: everyone wants you to drill their holes, price
Best Uses: ice fishing
Comments: Extremely pleased with this auger!! Starts 2nd pull everytime, like anything, let it warm up for a minute if its cold, then drill away. Very light and I was able to drill inside my ice shanty without any problems and smell. It is also very quite. Only little gripe, the pull handle is small. It is more expensive, but you get what you pay for.
Salt Lake City
Not sure yet.
Comments: It fullfilled the requirement for being small and light, the main reason why you would want to buy. I will be pulling it on foot behind a sled. I was able to punch more holes than I need in 8 - 10 inches of ice in single digits temps. I got little carried away with a new auger. It is very quiet and runs very clean and was able to drill many holes inside the tent with out and lingering fume smell. I do have major complaints, hopefully its just operator error, or needs a break in period. It takes about 2 minutes to warm up otherwise it dies. A small pull and its running again. It drills fine until it gets to the bottom of the ice layer or break through. It busted from my grip and didn't feel good at all especially in cold temps. It also gets hung up on something when you try to pull it out of the hole. Makes it feel like 100 pounds trying to get it out. I just hope the blades or auger itself needs to be used more before it is a cleaner cut in and out. Dont put pressure on it, let it do the work, even though its a 4 stroke and has more torque than two stoke, it will stop turning. However pound for pound, it packs a punch. If the auger seems to correct the problems over time for a cleaner cut it will result in a higher score. Heres to hoping its like a new car and gets better after a break in period.
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