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Strike King Series 3 Pro-Model Crankbaits


Strike King
Series 3 Pro-Model Crankbaits

The Strike King Series 3 Pro-Model Crankbaits are small-bodied deep diver lures, designed to enhance castability, thus reaching maximum depths. These lures are some of the most popular crankbaits on the market. Strike King designed each lure in the Pro-Model line up with input from tour pros as well as regular anglers to create lures that catch fish and are a great value.

Series 3 Pro-Model Crankbaits feature custom paint jobs, hologram eyes, free floating internal rattles and premium hooks and split rings. These lures are 1/4 oz. in weight and are 2 in. in length (minus the diving lip). Series 3 Pro-Model Crankbaits dive to 8 ft.

We carry the Series 3 Pro-Model Crankbaits in the ten colors shown in the table below.

Blue Back Chartreuse (503)Blue Gizzard Shad (583)Bull Bream (575)Chartreuse Sexy Shad (538)
Blue Back
Chartreuse (503)
Blue Gizzard
Shad (583)
Bull Bream
Chartreuse Sexy
Shad (538)

Chartreuse Shad (598)Chartreuse White (501)Gizzard Shad (511)Sexy Shad (590)
Chartreuse Shad
Chartreuse White
Gizzard Shad
Sexy Shad

Sexy Sunfish (526)Tennessee Shad (517)
Sexy Sunfish
Tennessee Shad

To order, please select a color from the list above.

Customer Reviews
Zakk F
Waterford, NY (Upstate, Albany)
 Smallmouth Magnet!
Pros: Irresistible to Fish, Strong, Good For Variety Of Fish, Easy To Handle, Looks Realistic, Easy To Store
Best Uses: Along Deep Shorelines, Aside Structure
Comments: I bought it Chartreuse / Blue Back. I fished it off of concrete walls, casted along them. I caught some babies on it, but also some 4-6lb Large AND Smallmouth with it. Before Fall hit and it was still hot out this thing caught me the same fish back to back. They kept hitting in til after about 2 weeks, it stopped working 100%. I fished it with a constant retrieve, pretty fast actually. Once I saw fall in sight, I slowed it down a bit. The only thing I didn't like much (not enough to call it a CON) was, that instead of a steady full bodied wiggle action; it has a straight up wobble similar to Rapala's Shad Rap, just not as fast. But you can retrieve this incredibly SLOW and still get all of the action out of it. Retrieved fast, fish can't help but kill it it wobbles so fast.
 I would buy this product again
Pros: Looks Realistic, Easy To Handle, Easy To Store
Best Uses: Jigging, Fresh Water
Comments: I'm not a crankbait user I like jigs and plastic,until I was fishing with a guy and he was using sexy shad and gave me one. I was surprize how well it did. Now I owner several of them and like how well they work great product.
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