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Storm Rattlin' Chug Bug CB06 Lures

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Item #: F41066651
This product is no longer available.

Please consider our similar products, or contact us for available options.

Storm Rattlin' Chug Bug
CB06 Lures

Storm Rattlin' Chug Bug Lures feature a weighted tail for longer casts, a loud rattle and a teaser tail for extra attraction. These topwater lures can do everything - spit, dart, chug and walk-the-dog all depending on how you want to fish it. Either way the fish can’t resist it.

Features of these baits include:
  • Model CB06
  • Spits, darts and chugs like fleeing baitfish
  • Weighted tail for long casts
  • Loud rattle
  • Teaser tail hook
Listed below are the lure specifications.

Running Depth
Body Length
CB06Top Water2 1/2"1/4 oz.

We stock these lures in the colors shown in the table below.

Bass (1342)Black/Red Herringbone (212) Bleeding Pearl (1307)
Black/Red Herringbone
Bleeding Pearl

Bleeding Tennessee Shad (1301)Bone (009)Bull Frog (204)
Bleeding Tennessee Shad
Bull Frog

Gizzard Shad (1271)Hot Frog (205)Metallic Bleeding Gold (1274)
Gizzard Shad
Hot Frog
Metallic Bleeding Gold

Metallic Silver/Black Back (140)Metallic Silver/Blue Back (144)Metallic Silver/Chart Back (037)
Metallic Silver/Black Back
Metallic Silver/Blue Back
Metallic Silver/Chart Back

Naturistic Perch (1360)Phantom Clear (087)Shad (1260)
Naturistic Perch
Phantom Clear

Silver Blue Shad (1347) Silver Shad (1346)Tennessee Shad (1351)
Silver Blue Shad
Silver Shad
Tennessee Shad

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