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Storm Giant FlatStick Lures offer a large body volume with the power of much larger and heavier baits. These lures are available in classic and UV bright finish choices that strengthen visibility. The loud deep rattle provides added attraction with VMC black nickel treble hooks get fish in the boat.

Features of Storm Giant FlatStick Lures include:

  • Larger body volume allows this bait to swim with the power of a much longer and heavier bait
  • Loud, deep rattle
  • The flat sides make this bait swim with a wide wobble and tons of flash
  • MC Black Nickel treble hooks
  • UV Bright finish reflects more light energy, strengthening the lures visibility (select colors)


GFS228 1/2"3 5/8 oz.1 1/2-8 ft.
Customer Reviews
Musky Killer
Upper Michigan
 Great Lure For Musky
Comments: These are very durable lures and grat for musky!! I love them and plan on buying many more!!
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