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Storm Deep Rattlin' Flat Wart Lures are extremely buoyant - the perfect bait for fishing submerged trees and rock piles because it can back out of cover that would hang up other lures. With flat sides, this “wart" gives off a hard flash and tight vibration while still staying true to the Classic Wart searching action. Deep Rattlin' Flat Wart lures are topped off with a loud rattle, 3-D holographic eyes and either classic patterns or the new UV bright finishes that reflect more light and make this lure more visible.

Features of these baits include:

  • Model DRFW (Size 05)
  • Classic Wart searching action
  • Flat side create a hard flash and tight vibration
  • Extremely buoyant
  • External scale pattern
  • Loud Rattle
  • Integrated Lip
  • 3-D Holographic Eyes

Listed below are the lure specifications.

ModelRunning DepthBody LengthWeight
DRFW057'-13'2"3/8 oz.

We stock these lures in the colors shown in the table below.

Black Chrome Orange (592)Blue Chrome Orange (594)Blue Steel Shad (595)
Black Chrome Orange
Blue Chrome Orange
Blue Steel Shad

Brown Craw (640)Chartreuse Purple Shad (596)Chrome Clown (599)
Brown Craw
Chartreuse Purple Shad
Chrome Clown

Chrome Yellow Perch (601)Gizzard Shad (598)Green Chartreuse Craw (641)
Chrome Yellow Perch
Gizzard Shad
Green Chartreuse Craw

Green Chrome Orange (600) Green Fire UV (651)Mossy Orange Fire UV (654)
Green Chrome Orange
Green Fire UV
Mossy Orange Fire UV

Olive Shad (609)Orange Craw (643)Orange Fire UV (652)
Olive Shad
Orange Craw
Orange Fire UV

Pink Fire UV (653)Red Craw (642)
Pink Fire UV
Red Craw


Customer Reviews
 Bounce It Off Rocks
Comments: Casts well and runs straight. Shallow Spotted bass ate it in orange, in 49 degree water.
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