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Steelhead Guide 4th Edition, by John Nagy, is jam packed with information for the steelheader chasing "chrome" on Lake Erie’s tributary streams. A major addition to the new 4th Edition is 119 new and innovative steelhead fly patterns (replacing all previous 3rd edition patterns) contributed by guides, fly tyers and steelhead fly fisherman from all over the Lake Erie region (44 tyers total). Flies include steelhead egg patterns, nymphs, soft hackles, streamers, wooly buggers, sculpins, leeches and spey flies and 28 hot tube flies (both conventional and Scandinavian tube designs). This guidebook, written by Lake Erie steelhead guide John Nagy, teaches you everything you need to know to hook-up with these magnificent fish. This guidebook, written by Lake Erie steelhead guide John Nagy, teaches you everything you need to know to hook-up with these magnificent fish.

This guidebook features updated Ohio, Pennsylvania and New York maps. It also includes updated guide, tackle shop, lodging and dining lists, links to steelhead related web sites as well as current smolt stocking lists and recent fishery data and reports. New photos have been added to Steelhead Guide including an expanded color insert section of the new steelhead fly patterns as well as steelhead photography taken in the Lake Erie region.

Steelhead Guide is a helpful guidebook for both the novice and seasoned steelheader. It covers in detail the techniques, equipment, flies, steelhead behavior, stream conditions and weather that can all combine to produce a successful Lake Erie steelhead trip.

Steelhead Guide also includes a new Deadly Dozen list, additional Steelheader's Tips and a humorous "Steelheader's Quiz". An exciting new and detailed chapter on tube flies for Great Lakes steelhead discussing their history, benefits, construction and use has been added as well as tube tying material sources, updated steelhead equipment recommendations and the latest Lake Erie region fishery news.

320 pages.

Reviews for the 4th edition of STEELHEAD GUIDE:

"You can have Alsaka style fishing for steelhead on some of North America's most spectacular rivers at bargain basement prices, but you must know when, where, and especially how to fish for them. Steelhead Guide is the steelheader's bible on the subject. John Nagy describes the fisheries, the flies, and the fishing techniques that separate the novice from the experts on the Lake Erie Tributaries. His book is also very helpful for steelheader's in other Great Lakes regions." John Randolph, Editor Fly Fisherman Magazine

"John Nagy's knowledge and writing about fly rodding for Lake Erie steelhead is a thorough study of the steelhead's life cycle and behavior, with a detailed season-by-season analysis of techniques and strategies that truly work. This is an important book that belongs on every steelheader's book shelf." Joe Ciavaglia, Jim Thorpe, Pennsylvania

About the Author:

John Nagy has guided in Alaska and fly fished extensively in the Western and Eastern United States as well as British Columbia. For the last 19 years he has guided on many of Lake Erie's tributary streams for steelhead and has written numerous articles on the unique style of fly fishing often needed to catch these elusive and sometimes finicky fish. His writing credits include Fly Fisherman Magazine, Wild Steelhead and Atlantic Salmon, Mid-Atlantic Fly Fishing Guide, PA Outdoor Times, Eastern Fly Fishing Magazine and Salmon, Trout, Steelheader Magazine.

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Customer Reviews
 Get Flying
Pros: Informative
Comments: Although I've fly fished for smallmouths on some inland Ohio streams I never used fly fishing for steelhead, usually using floats. That will change this upcoming season due to the information in this book. I liked the regional coverage of the Lake Erie watersheds and the beginning history on the fisheries management. I can't wait to begin fly tying this winter using the patterns in the book. Hopefully I can hook some steelies on the creation of my own hands.
Pittsburgh Pa
 Great Book
Comments: Very informative. I just recently started steelhead fishing and the book is very helpful in everything you need to know about getting started. Where ,when , how.
south central,pa.
 a lot of invaluble information
Pros: Well Written, Informative
Best Uses: Reference
Comments: will use this as a referance for yers to come, lists how soon waters are fishable after high water levels,lists tackel shops,lodging ect. for the lake erie ara in oh.,pa., and ny.
Best Uses: Fresh Water
Comments: For Every Steelheader
lewistown, PA
 dictionary of fishing
Pros: Functional, Durable
Best Uses: Ice Fishing, Fresh Water, Traveling
Comments: this book will teach the beginning or novice steelhead fisherman lots of good information, this is a very educational book.
 good book lots of info
Best Uses: Fresh Water, Traveling
Comments: good reading lots of info
Butler, PA
 great book
Best Uses: Fresh Water
Comments: I've been fishing steelhead for several years now but I just started fly fishing for them. This book is very helpful and is full of great tips.
Washington, Pa
 it was great
Comments: It was great reading while the streams are locked up. I learned alot
Axel Foley
Orchard Park, NY
 A must have for the serious steelheadder
Best Uses: Fly Fishing
Comments: A masterpiece. I will be ordering additional copies for friends. A great read when the Creeks are locked up in the winter.
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