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Stabilicers Walk Ice Cleats feature aggressive cleats and tread, providing unbeatable tractions. Thes cleats help you walk with confidence on ice or snow. Made from PTE elastomer, the Lite is easy to pull on and take off, while securely fitting both shoes and boots. Walk Ice Cleats utilize non-replaceable, multi-directional, steel cleats that bite into ice and snow, allowing you to stride naturally through winter's worse conditions. This product is ideal for walking, jogging, and light running, and are great for ice fishing or light trail hiking.

Features of Stabilicers Walk Ice Cleats include:

  • Full foot slip protection with heel and forefoot cleats
  • Lightweight TPE Elastomer
  • Traction tread outsole
  • Multi-directional, heat-treated steel plates

Stabilicers Walk Ice Cleats are made in the U.S.A.


Stabilicers Walk Ice Cleats
SizeMen's BootWomen's Boot
Small4 - 75 - 8
Medium7.5 - 108.5 - 12
Large10.5 - 13N/A
X-Large13.5 - 16N/A
Review Summary
(34 Reviews)
of customers would recommend this product.88%
Reviewer Profile:   Avid Fisher (20), Casual/ Recreational (4), Professional (2)
Good Grip (21)
Lightweight (14)
Durable (11)
Comfortable (10)
Dries Easily (4)
Wears Easily (2)
Best Uses
Ice fishing (8)
Casual Wear (7)
Freshwater Fishing (3)

Customer Reviews
Grannie Annie
Dollard des Ormeaux, Quebec, Canada
Pros: Great gripping power
Comments: I walk to and from work daily and to shopping. With this extreme winter we have had, there has been no lack of ice and snow covering sidewalks & parking lots. I feel extremely safe. they are easy to put on, they dry quickly once I am indoors and people can hear me coming (added benefit). I have recommended them to several friends, I tell them how safe I feel when getting around. and unlike the cheap pairs sold in department stores, they don't wear down.
New England
 Safest way to go out on the ice
Pros: won't fall
Cons: could be a little easier to put on
Comments: I wouldn't be without these on my shoes during nasty weather. I live in New England and we get so much snow. I live on a hill and before getting these wonderful grippers I wouldn't get my mail until I drove down the driveway in my car. I also bought these for my elderly aunt and uncle. They love them too.
Banff, Alberta
Can't Buy These Locally in Canada
Comments: I went to a Forzani owned sports shop to get another pair of these excellent grippers and was told their head office would not re-order them. No reason was given - the product sold out completely last year while other brands are still sitting there. I thought I would get a spare pair just in case. After suffering 2 broken shoulders in the space of 2 years, I hate walking on ice! Another good point is that I don't have to keep taking them on and off when going into stores, because there are more grippers than on those silly rubber things with spikes that fall apart and rip after a few months wear and a person is more balanced when walking. Easy to take on and off if you need to.
Cast Away
Erie, PA
 Size runs small, Won't stay on boots
Pros: Good Grip
Comments: I ordered extra large for my size 10 pac boots and they barely fit, gripped the ice well but my first time out on the ice they kept coming off of my boots and I even lost one on the way back off the ice, in the dark, after a long day of fishing.
Professional Angler
 Not sized correctly
Best Uses: Casual Wear
Comments: I bought these to fit over my Ice fishing boots. However the largest size is not going to fit over my size 12 Heavy boots. Bottom line they are not sized correct for large boots
Tricky Dick
Nanticoke, Pa.
 Careful on the size
Pros: Comfortable
Best Uses: Ice fishing
Comments: Have not used the grippers yet. They seem well constructed. My insulated boots are size 10 and the 'extra large' grippers are quite snug.
Hop Sing
Elizabethtown, PA
 Handy little things
Pros: Lightweight, Good Grip
Best Uses: Casual Wear
Comments: Easy to carry and put on for work, recreation, or play.
Yje tax man
Valley View, Ohio
 A great product & it keeps me safe.
Pros: Comfortable, Good Grip, Great traction, Durable, Lightweight
Comments: I use this item to go ice fishing and it has a great grip on boot to make me not to fall on the ice.
Hank the fisherman
St. Johns, Mi
 Great, wouldn't ice fish without them
Comments: Great on ice
Andover, Mass
 Essential Item
Pros: Good Grip, Durable, Helps keep you verticle, Lightweight
Best Uses: Ice fishing
Comments: Go to the XL size if you wear heavy insulated boots, other than that, sizes are true enough. Great value for the price!
Professional Angler
 A Good Safety Item.
Pros: Good Grip
Cons: Wears Easily
Comments: Good for icy conditions
Carmel, N.Y
 These are great
Pros: Stay on, Good Grip
Best Uses: Ice
Comments: I got these as my other ones keep coming off as i walk. These stay on and I have not had a problem. These where will worth the money. And now I don't worry about falling. The only thing about any of these is you have to keep changing shoes in and out of house or car.
 work great
Pros: Lightweight, Comfortable, Good Grip, Durable
Best Uses: Freshwater Fishing, Casual Wear
Comments: firt well over my ice fishing boots
Union, OR
 Ice Cleats need to be larger
Pros: Good Grip
Cons: 2 small 4 big feet
Comments: Well made, great cleats..... just sized a little small for winter boots. Even the XL's were really tight on my size 13 walking shoes.
cass city,mi
 they work good
Pros: Good Grip, Lightweight, Dries Easily
Comments: they work good mike
Danielsville, Pa
 Ice cleats love them
Pros: Good Grip
Best Uses: Ice fishing
Comments: Ice cleats are essential when walking on bare ice. These cleats are great. They have great traction on the ball of the foot and the heelmaking walking on the ice easy. They are great. The only con is they run a bit small.
Joe Bone
Houston, PA
 Not good in snow covered ice
Pros: Good Grip, Lightweight, Comfortable
Comments: Great traction on the ice but fall off in snow covered ice. A little difficult to get back on while in cold weather with ice/snow on the cleats.
Wallingford, Connecticut
 I would purchase this product again
Comments: I do a lot of ice fishing.I needed something to get good traction on the ice, that would be easy to transport,light and easy to put on. These ice stabilizers, did the trick. I would reccomend and have to other ice fishermen.
Quincy, Ma.
 Size does matter
Pros: Seemed ok
Cons: Recommended size too smal
Best Uses: Ice fishing
Comments: Bought the extra large recommended for my shoe size but it takes too much effort to stretch over ice fishing boots. They kept falling off and I had a very difficult time getting them on each time. I got so mad that I took them off and put on another manufacturer's ice cleats.
north shore, MN.
 tears the ice up!
Pros: Good Grip, Lightweight
Comments: These ice cleats are excellent but... They are best in an on and off situation. They come off and on pretty easily which is good when you are in and out or on intermittent ice. On longer walks and in rough conditions, they can slip off unnoticed and require a backtrack to find. Dont wear them anywhere indoors or on any surface that could be damaged, because these things tear up more than ice!
Central MA.
 Best Ice Cleates I have ever tried
Pros: Comfortable, Good Grip, Lightweight, Work best on glare ice, Dries Easily, Durable
Cons: Boots buy one size bigger
Best Uses: Casual Wear, Ice fishing
Comments: I bought medium size and can only use them on lighter boots. For heavey boots buy one size larger
Frankfort Illinois
 Delivers what is promised
Pros: Durable, Lightweight, Good Grip
Best Uses: All purpose protection on
Comments: These cleats replace a poorer quality pair that I have been using for several years on ice fishing trips. These old cleats were continually slipping off of my boots necessitating a search across the frozen lake for them. This new design took some stretching to get on, but once positioned, they do not come off without a great deal of effort let alone walking across the ice all day long. I have decided just to leave them on my boots permanently, even while shoveling my driveway. I will come back, hopefully in several years, to report on how long they lasted.
Des Moines, Iowa
 Stabilicers Lite Ice Cleats
Pros: Durable, Good Grip, Lightweight, Comfortable
Best Uses: Ice fishing
Comments: I have done a ton of ice fishing this winter, and for most of the winter the ice has had a heavy cover of snow. With a recent warm-up more of the surfaces are now exposed ice. These Stabilicers Lite ice cleats have been very helpful for these conditions. Even with these cleats, you need to walk gingerly on the ice, but they do provide great traction that you would otherwise not have.
Kempton. PA
 Seemed like a good idea
Pros: Lightweight, Good Grip, Durable
Cons: Buy a larger size
Best Uses: Icy conditions, Ice fishing
Comments: I suggest buy a larger size than advertised on the web, Unfortunatly I won't be using these as part of my ice fishing boot arsenal, too small for Mickey Mouse boots but I will be able to strap them onto a set of work boots. I suggest buying a larger size.Seem to work well regardless.
apollo pa
 wife loves them.
Pros: Good Grip, Lightweight, Comfortable, Durable, Dries Easily
Best Uses: Casual Wear
Comments: They do what my wife wants them to do. They keep her from falling down the driveway
Arkansas fisherman
 Great for walking on ice & snow
Pros: Good Grip, Lightweight, Durable, Dries Easily, Comfortable, Great gripping power
Best Uses: Freshwater Fishing, Casual Wear
Comments: Great product they will save you breaking your neck !!!!!
Pros: Comfortable
Best Uses: Freshwater Fishing
 Do the job
Pros: Good Grip
Best Uses: Ice fishing
Comments: Seemed too small (size 12 boot) until I worked at getting them on. Once they were on they stay in place well & give good traction on moderately slippery ice. I have not had them on 'glass' ice yet. They may have gripping issues in that situation. All in all I'm happy with them.
Brighteyes (given to
Plainwell, MI
 What an excellent item this is!
Pros: Good Grip
Cons: Wears Easily
Best Uses: Casual Wear
Comments: I am not a fisherman but I do have a 1/4 mile stretch to walk to my mailbox and we live on a private road that is icy in the winter and walking is not something you take lightly as it is not safe. I purchased the Ice Cleats,slipped them over my walking tennis shoes and made the trip to the mailbox with ease, no slipping at all not even in the iciest areas. I love them and would highly recommend them to everyone of all ages but especially the elderly. They would make an excellent gift to anyone.
 Very good product
Comments: These work very well. I use them for dragging a heavy airplane into an uphill icy tiedown spot. I have size 10 feet & size L works well on both light shoes and boots. Haven't owned long enough to speak for durability, but quality looks very good.
Leslie, dog mom
Chicago, IL
 For those early morning icy walks...
Pros: Good Grip, Lightweight, Comfortable
Comments: These do tend to pop off my snow boots unexpectedly. I am thinking of adding a loop from the heel of the stabilizer through the loop at the back top of my boots. Expect that will work. Otherwise, they work fantastically on ice!
Granville, Illinois
Life Saver
Comments: I would recommend these to anyone. I am a 60 year old woman with osteoporosis and would not go out when it was icy for fear of falling and breaking a bone. Now I am able to go anywhere in winter without that fear. They have truly changed my life.
Columbus, Ohio
 Replacement Ice Cleats work like a Dream
Pros: Durable, 4 yr old Treads like new, Functional, Easy To Use, Easy To Maintain
Best Uses: Winter Ice Safety
Comments: Made 4 yr. old treads like new for my wife. In time to make walking the dog up and down icy, snowy hills even safer with renewed cleats! Arrived fast and just in tome for our deepest snow since 1910.
Naperville, IL
 Great cleats for the price
Pros: Very good traction, Durable
Cons: Not quite lightweight
Best Uses: Cold Weather, Use for icy donditions
Comments: I bought these for my wife for walking the dog. Last year I bought a cheaper pair from a competitor. Those were not very sturdy, and she lost one while walking. These grip much better and fit more tightly. Very good product, very good price.
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