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Stabilicers Maxx Ice Cleats help you walk with confidence on ice or snow. The innovative design helps to develop reliable traction on many surfaces, whether your fishing a frozen lake, shoveling the drive, or on an icy hiking trail. These can even be used for stream fishing on slippery moss covered rocks! Stabilicers Maxx make a great alternative to felt soles and easily attach to waders.

Maxx Ice Cleats feature long lasting Vibram soles, with heat-treated steel cleats that bite into the slickest ice and snow. Simply attach Stabilicers to your favorite shoes or boots quickly and easily with Velcro closure fasteners. Never let icy conditions slow you down again! With more traction than older style grippers or spikes, and longer lasting than grit boots, Stabilicers are your answer for winter mobility.

Features of Stabilicers Maxx Ice Cleats include:

  • Flexible Vibram sole
  • 34 cleats
  • Replaceable cleats
  • Velcro closure straps

Stabilicers Maxx Ice Cleats are made in the U.S.A.


Stabilicers Maxx Ice Cleats
SizeMen's BootWomen's Boot
2X-SmallN/A4 - 6
X-Small5 - 66.5 - 8
Small6.5 - 7.5A8.5 - 10
Medium8 - 1011 and up
Large10.5 - 12N/A
X-Large12.5 - 14N/A
Review Summary
(36 Reviews)
of customers would recommend this product.86%
Reviewer Profile:   Avid Fisher (16), Casual/ Recreational (9), Professional (4), Beginner (2)
Good Grip (26)
Durable (23)
Comfortable (18)
Lightweight (12)
Dries Easily (7)
Heavy (2)
Poor Grip (2)
Best Uses
Ice fishing (9)
Freshwater Fishing (6)
Casual Wear (6)
Walking on ice (2)
Fly Fishing (2)

Customer Reviews
 Works well on snow & ice
Pros: Good Grip, Excellent fit
Comments: I sent these to my in-laws (ages 77 and 85) and they have been using them to walk to errands in the snow & ice in New York. They report that these work well and will stay on their feet.
Weirton, WV
 Stabilicers Heavy-Duty Ice Cleats
Pros: Very easy to get on with the Velcro
Comments: These are the best ice cleats ever and I have tried many. With them on, you walk on the ice as if you just had shoes on. They are very easy to get on with the Velcro. Three of my fishing buddies have gotten these ice cleats also. I would highly recommend them for ice fishing!!
Burlington, VT
Not for walking on ice covered sidewalks
Comments: The stabilicers were used on ice covered sidewalks and the spikes became completely worn off in two weeks. They would last longer if they were used only on frozen lakes.
Bill the tree man
Woodstock, CT
 I would buy this product again
Pros: Good Grip, Durable, Lightweight
Comments: The cleats are easy to slip on and off and help keep me from slipping
Kevin WI
Stevens Point, WI
Cleats are nice but straps need work
Pros: Durable, Good Grip
Cons: Strap too short, Heavy
Best Uses: Ice fishing
Comments: These are solidly constructed cleats, however I can not use them because the strap is too short to fully wrap around my Iceman boots. It's not like I have huge feet as I wear a size 8 only. I'm sure they would fit well over work boots, but who ice fishes in those? If the strap were longer, these would be great. As it is, they sit in the closet and collect dust.
Adams, MA
 Super Gripping
Pros: Good Grip, Durable
Best Uses: Ice
Comments: These cleats have a superior grip on ice.I have an inclined driveway and when snow blowing,not once did I fall all last season.This was an absolute confidence builder.One word of caution when sizing though. I have a size 10 boot and the medium is a perfect fit. Ordered the large two years ago and they were much too big.These things work just as they are supposed to.Go for it.
 Great Product
Pros: Great gripping power
Cons: Order size up for boots
Best Uses: Ice fishing
Comments: Great gripping power. May need to order next size to accomodate for thickly insulated winter boots
Alexander Gurman
Brooklyn NY
Professional Angler
 Alexander Gurman reviews
Pros: Durable
Cons: Wears Easily, Poor Grip
Best Uses: Freshwater Fishing
Comments: a bit too heavy, and easy to lose them in fast streams
Central NJ
 By Far- Best ice fishing MUST HAVE Ever
Pros: Good Grip, ABSOLUTELY EXCELLENT, Comfortable, Durable, Dries Easily, Lightweight
Best Uses: Ice FishingHiking
Comments: I have a badly torn knee. I ice fish and bought these as a friend recommended. These STICK beautifuly. I never, EVER slipped with these on. Had to buy a pair for my husband. He could race across the ice and not even worry. I would buy them again if I had the need to. They are comfortable, fit as the manufacturer suggests and are easy to strap on.
Central NJ
 Best thing I ever bought-A MUST HAVE
Pros: Easy to out on, Comfortable, Dries Easily, Durable, Good Grip
Cons: Not One Thing Wrong
Best Uses: Ice FishingHiking
Comments: I have a bad knee and ice fish a lot. I bought these and, for once, did not slip a smidgen. Bought my husband a pair and he could literally run across the ice without a worry. These are a must have. Fit well on snow boots as per manufacturer's recommendations.
Music Seeker
Nashville, OH
Pros: Dries Easily, Comfortable, Good Grip, Lightweight, Durable
Best Uses: Staying upright on ice
Comments: During recent ice storms, my husband's attempts to get to our wood-burning boiler outside resulted in his having to come back to the house on his hands and knees. Your representative gave good advice on the product and saw to it that we got it the next day! Kudos to him! Now, my husband thinks I am brilliant. With due caution, one can navigate icy backyards in an upright position. Good, solid product!
New York
Professional Angler
Pros: Comfortable
Cons: Poor Grip
Best Uses: Casual Wear
Comments: I had several pairs of ice cleats including a pair of these stabilicers. They did grip the ice but they just were too klunky for me. I couldn't drive in them and I just didn't feel like I would be able to run in them at all. I currently use the Spiky and Spiky Plus Ice Cleats which you can find online at [@] I have been really happy so far, they really have held up and certainly keep me upright!
Torrington, CT
 No slip satisfaction
Pros: Comfortable, Good Grip, Lightweight, Durable
Comments: I use and trust these Stabilicers. I have tried other brands for ice fishing but have not found anything to compair them to.
Mike the snow remove
Minneapolis, MN
Professional Angler
 I love the stabilicers.
Pros: Good Grip, Keeps you upright, Durable, Comfortable, Dries Easily
Cons: Screws loosen
Best Uses: Winter work, Fly Fishing, Casual Wear, Freshwater Fishing
Comments: I use the stabilicers for winter work. I make sure my workmates are wearing them too. I carry extra pairs for them. The stabilicers keep me on my feet and not sliding around all over the place. The only con to this product is that the rubber around the screws becomes loose and the screws start falling out. I have found that they do last at least one season. I just purchase another pair. They are much cheaper than a medical bill! I use them much harder than most people would so if you are using them for fishing they should last a long time. I would definately recommend them.
Western NY
Need better way to anchor cleats
Pros: Good Grip
Comments: If you hike rocky and ice covered river banks, you will be replacing the cleats every trip. Probably not a problem on flat ice. Grip is great when you start out but by the end of the day I am usually down to 4 or 5 cleats per foot from the original 17.
floressant colorado
 so far thees are by far the beast
Pros: Durable, Good Grip, Lightweight, Comfortable
Best Uses: Ice fishing
Comments: thees are the best i have used and i have used a lot of difernt types over years. thees work the best.
Seward, Alaska
 I would buy this item again & again..
Pros: Good Grip
Comments: real hard to lose these,i find lots of the rubber ones all over the place, they give you a much safer feeling on ice & snow. love em.
Kelayres, Pa.
 could be better with some modification
Pros: Good Grip
Cons: Straps could be improved
Best Uses: Ice fishing
Comments: they grip ice well but shift on your foot. the rear strap is fixed, probably would be better if this strap was adjustable.
bonn germany
 very usable
Pros: Durable, Comfortable
Cons: No cons
Best Uses: Casual Wear
Comments: everything as expexted
Fort Wayne IN.
 I would buy this product again for sure
Pros: Durable, Good Grip, Comfortable
Best Uses: Ice fishing
Comments: Very good grip on Ice
snowrider ed
christmas mi
 great product
Pros: Comfortable, Dries Easily, Durable, Good Grip, Lightweight
Best Uses: Ice fishing, Casual Wear
Comments: great product for walking on any type of ice: smooth or rugged always a good grip
dawn or dusk
utica michigan
The safest ice cleats I have worn
Pros: Good Grip, Comfortable, Durable, Lightweight
Best Uses: Icefishing
Comments: These cleats are the safest, easist to put on,and comfortable all day on the ice. Im a senior person and falling on the ice isnt a small problem any more. I feel totally in control. I love to see my younger friends slip and slide as the "oldman" just keeps on walking to the shanty!
Quebec Canada
 Best of the best
Pros: Durable, Lightweight, Good Grip
Best Uses: Ice fishing
Comments: These are the best. I've had several other types which did not last. You can walk with assurance on ice. No more falling and bruses or risk of injury
New Jersey
 Much lighter than Korkers
Pros: Lightweight
Best Uses: Freshwater Fishing
Comments: I'm using these in a drift boat with bootfoot waders as a cheaper alternative to the Korkers brand
New England
 High Quality
Pros: Good Grip, Durable
Comments: Once in awhile you come across a product that exceeds expectations. This is one of those products. Worth every penny, you won't be disappointed.
New England
 Nothing better
Pros: Durable, Good Grip
Comments: This product exceeds all expectations. You will not be disappointed.
 Solid but heavy.
Pros: Durable, Comfortable, Good Grip, Stays attached
Cons: Heavy
Best Uses: Possibly wading, Ice fishing
Comments: The cleats give a great grip on slick ice. They are comfortable and stay on the boot once adjusted properly which is easy to do with the velcro tabs. They are heavier than other cleats but provide better grip and are built to last far longer. I have had a pair going strong for 5 years now and just bought a set for my brother. They aren't cheap but then what does a back injury cost you? I would suspect they'd be good on algae covered rocks too but haven't given it a try yet.
Pittsford, NY
 Good Product
Pros: Good Grip, Dries Easily, Comfortable, Durable
Best Uses: Casual Wear
Comments: Good traction in Snow
Walking fool
Waseca. MN
 These are exactly what I was looking for
Pros: Easy on and off, Good Grip, Comfortable, Durable
Best Uses: Walking on ice
Comments: I walk over 5 miles to and from work daily and with the snow and ice we've gotten this year these are a lifesaver. They've held up very well, are easy to put on and I can walk the same pace on the ice now as I do on dry pavement. Worth every penny if you do a lot of walking on packed snow and/or ice. No more fear of falling.
Anchorage, Alaska
Great product
Pros: Lightweight, Comfortable, Good Grip, Durable
Best Uses: Walking icy surfaces
Comments: I bought my stablicers the winter of 1997 and have worn them for thirteen winters until now. A strap broke recently, but otherwise I have just replaced cleats (screws) as necessary when they wore thin, so basically it has been a very rugged product and very effective on ice. I paid [$] for the original and thought that was high, but at less than $4.00 a year it has been a great bargain.
Western New York
 Safety at a Minimal Expense
Pros: Comfortable, Good Grip, Durable, Lightweight, Dries Easily
Best Uses: Freshwater Fishing, Fly Fishing
Comments: I use the Stabilicers for fishing the Lake Erie tributaries and inland streams. At sixty-eight year of age; and with three lower back surgeries, I need to make sure that I do not slip and slide on the creek bed rocks and algae cover shale and on ice that lines the creek banks. Stabilicers have done that. They are easy to strap on, stable, and are light weight.
Aurora Minnesota
 I wore some before and I liked them
Pros: Comfortable, Ilike them, Good Grip
Best Uses: Walking on ice, Casual Wear, Freshwater Fishing
Comments: I use them when I walk the dog,for shovelingsnow,icefishing,ect.
Professional Angler
Pros: Durable, Good Grip, Lightweight, Comfortable
Pam the winter walke
Spokane, WA
 I've had no troubles with my Stabilicers
Pros: Tough Material, Good Footing, Easy To Take On And Off
Best Uses: Icy footing conditions
Comments: Stabilicers give me confidence on ice I never had before. I can now exercise outside in the winter.
 Not just for fishing!
Pros: Tough Material, Easy To Take On And Off, Good Footing, Excellent fit
Best Uses: Cold Water, Gift for soldiers, Hiking in snow and ice, Freshwater Fishing, Saltwater Fishing
Comments: I bought these while deployed to Afghanistan and they're fantastic, even over heavy boots and solid packed ice. I wish I'd had a pair years ago in Germany and Kosovo. If you know people in the military who work in cold climates, you'd do well to send a gift of these!
Iron John
Martinsburg, WV
Makes walking on ice easy!
Pros: Good Footing, Tough Material, Easy To Take On And Off
Best Uses: Hiking, Ice fishing, Walking
Comments: These are great for getting out to the hole when you're ice fishing, or just working around the house when the snow, ice, and freezing rain hit.
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