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St. Croix Tidemaster Inshore Spinning Rods


St. Croix Tidemaster Inshore Spinning Rods are built with high-modulus SCII graphite to deliver the highest level of strength possible. The premium saltwater-grade hardware protects these rods from the elements. With a whole section of one-piece and three-piece travel models, there's not only a rod for every fish, but for every fisherman as well.

Features of St. Croix Tidemaster Inshore Spinning Rods include:

  • Premium, high-modulus SCII graphite
  • Outstanding strength, sensitivity, and hook setting power
  • Specialized inshore designs for popping, jigging, plugging, or bait
  • Batson Forecast hard aluminum oxide guides with new 316 stainless steel frames
  • Fuji DPS reel seat/frosted silver hoods
  • Premium-grade cork handles
  • Two coats of Flex Coat finish thoroughly applied around guide feet to prevent corrosion
  • All three-piece travel rods come with a nylon covered rod case with divided liner
  • 5-year warranty backed by St.Croix Superstar Service

St. Croix Tidemaster Inshore Spinning Rods are made in the U.S.A.


St. Croix Tidemaster Inshore Spinning Rods
TIS66MF6' 6"MediumFast8 - 1738 - 344.41
TIS66MM6' 6"MediumModerate8 - 1714 - 583.91
TIS66MHF6' 6"Med. HeavyFast10 - 2012 - 1145.01
TIS66MHM6' 6"Med. HeavyModerate10 - 2012 - 14.91
TIS66HF6' 6"HeavyFast12 - 2534 - 25.11
TIS66HM6' 6"HeavyModerate12 - 2534 - 1125.41
TIS70LM7' 0"LightModerate6 - 1218 - 383.61
TIS70MLF7' 0"Med. LightFast8 - 1418 - 124.51
TIS70MF7' 0"MediumFast8 - 1738 - 344.61
TIS70MM7' 0"MediumModerate8 - 1714 - 584.01
TIS70MHF7' 0"Med. HeavyFast10 - 2012 - 1145.51
TIS70MHM7' 0"Med. HeavyModerate10 - 2012 - 15.21
TIS70HF7' 0"HeavyFast12 - 2534 - 25.71
TIS70HH7' 0"HeavyModerate12 - 2534 - 1126.01
TIS76LM7' 6"LightModerate6 - 1218 - 384.21
TIS76MLF7' 6"Med. LightFast8 - 1418 - 125.11
TIS76MF7' 6"MediumFast8 - 1738 - 345.51
TIS76MM7' 6"MediumModerate8 - 1714 - 584.61
TIS76MHF7' 6"Med. HeavyFast10 - 2012 - 1146.21
TIS76HF7' 6"HeavyFast12 - 2534 - 27.11
TIS80MLF8' 0"Med. LightFast8 - 1418 - 125.61
TIS80MF8' 0"MediumFast8 - 1738 - 345.61
TIS80MHF8' 0"Med. HeavyFast14 - 3012 - 27.21
TIS80HF8' 0"HeavyFast17 - 4034 - 38.41
TIS70MLF37' 0"Med. LightFast8 - 1418 - 124.43
TIS70MF37' 0"MediumFast8 - 1738 - 344.73
TIS70MHF37' 0"Med. HeavyFast10 - 2012 - 1145.33
TIS76MF37' 6"MediumFast8 - 1738 - 345.63
TIS76MHF37' 6"Med. HeavyFast10 - 2012 - 1146.13
TIS76HF37' 6"HeavyFast12 - 2534- 27.13
Review Summary
(9 Reviews)
of customers would recommend this product.88%
Reviewer Profile:   Avid Fisher (5), Professional (2)
Good Tip Action (7)
Accurate Casting (6)
Durable (5)
Sensitive (3)
Flexible (2)
Hard To Transport (2)
Best Uses
Ocean Fishing (4)
Large Fish (4)

Customer Reviews
 Nice Rod!
Pros: Accurate Casting
Best Uses: shoreline casting
Comments: Beautiful travel rod for inshore casting. Nice action to really sling a lure. Felt great on smaller fish I caught, only up to about 5 lbs. Nothing bigger to compare, unfortunately!
Butte Montana
 Gift item
Comments: Purchased this rod, because the one i wanted was out of stock, to be used in Alaska for smaller king salmon
SAWLTGEAR Rodbuilder
Brunswick, Georgia
Excellent All the way!
Pros: Sensitive, Lightweight, Perfect, Durable, Good Tip Action, Accurate Casting
Best Uses: Inshore Saltwater
Comments: As a rodbuilder and avid fisherman here in coastal southeast Ga. I have built and seen them all. The SCII inshore blank AKA Tidemaster,is by far the best bang for your buck. I personally fish this rod,and have for many years.That is saying a lot about this blank seeing that I have access to them all, and have settled on this one for my personal use.I have built many of these rods for folks that often return for another length or action. The 7' Med/Fast wth the #5 handle is an absolute perfect rod for anything inshore, or even heavier fresh water use. Yuo will not be disappointed with a St.Croix Tidemaster
 Great product
Pros: Good Tip Action, Flexible, Durable, Accurate Casting
Cons: Hard To Transport
Best Uses: Large Fish, Ocean Fishing
Comments: I have been looking for an 8' 1 piece rod and this rod fits the bill perfectly.
Delacroix Isle, LA
Tidemaster Rod
Pros: Good Tip Action, Durable, Sensitive
Comments: To the person who gave the Tidemaster rods a bad review because they broke while fighting peacock bass: That little knob on the front of your reel, it's called a drag knob -- TRY USING IT!!! These are the best rods I've ever owned. And I own 4 of them.
 I will buy this product again!!
Pros: Good Tip Action, Durable, 1 piece, Accurate Casting
Best Uses: BayCoastal Fishing, Ocean Fishing, Large Fish
Comments: I have been looking for an 8 foot, 1 piece rod for the longest time. This rod is perfect and I purchased an addditional rod as a gift as well.
AKVA Fisher
Great Neck, NY
Professional Angler
 St. Croix Tidemaster Inshore Spinning Rod
Pros: Flexible, Accurate Casting, Durable, Good Tip Action
Cons: Hard To Transport
Best Uses: Large Fish, Ocean Fishing
Comments: This is truly a great rod. I spend the majority of my time fishing inshore off a 23 ft. center console. I'm typically chasing down stripers and bluefish. The great thing about this rod is it can handle big stripers, up to 40 lbs, but you can still have fun with the smaller guys.
Palm Bay, FL
St. Croix ( NOT FOR ME )
Pros: Good Tip Action, Easy To Transport
Cons: Breaks Easily
Best Uses: River Fishing, Large Fish
Comments: I bought 2 of the 3 piece rods for a trip to Brazil for peacock bass fishing. They did not fair too well with one breaking at the first joint and the second rod was about to do the same.[...] I think I will stick with Shimanoand G loomas. They have better warrenty coverage in items of this price range. FISHMORE [@]
Captain Patrick
Boston, MA
Professional Angler
 What you would expect from St. Croix
Pros: Good Tip Action, Sensitive, Accurate Casting
Best Uses: Ocean Fishing, Bluefish, Striped bass fishing
Comments: I use these rods for my charter service and would definitely recommend. My goal is to provide light tackle experience but with enough backbone to reel in a big one. The guide inserts have broken a couple times but probably due to usage not manufacturing.
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