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St. Croix Legend Tournament Walleye Spinning Rods


St. Croix Legend Tournament Walleye Spinning Rods have been redesigned and re-engineered! The even lighter SCIV graphite blanks not only feature St. Croix's exclusive ART and IPC technologies, but with the re-tooling comes FRS resin for improved durability. These rods have also been updated with Fuji's latest reel seats and K Series tangle-free guides. With a dozen technique-specific models to choose from (including four 2-piece travel models) it will be easy to select the Legend Tournament Walleye Spinning Rod that's right for you.

Features of St. Croix Legend Tournament Walleye Spinning Rods include:

  • Integrated Poly Curve (IPC) tooling technology
  • Advanced Reinforcing Technology (ART)
  • High-modulus/high-strain SCIV graphite with FRS resin
  • FRS resin adds unparalleled strength and durability to the rod blank
  • Fuji K Series Guide System with Alconite rings and polished frames
  • Fuji SK2 split reel seats - The ultimate in lightweight sensitivity
  • Machined aluminum winding checks and trim pieces
  • Split-grip super-grade cork handle
  • Lifetime limited warranty backed by St. Croix Superstar Service

St. Croix Legend Tournament Walleye Spinning Rods are made in the U.S.A.


St. Croix Legend Tournament Walleye Spinning Rods
LTWS59MXFClassic Jig5' 9"MediumX-Fast16 - 101/8 - 1/22.8
LTWS63MLXFVertical Jig6' 3"Med. LightX-Fast14 - 81/16 - 3/83.0
LTWS63MXFVertical Jig6' 3"MediumX-Fast16 - 101/8 - 1/23.1
LTWS66MLFJig-N-Rig6' 6"Med. LightFast14 - 101/8 - 3/83.3
LTWS66MLF2Jig-N-Rig6' 6"Med. LightFast24 - 101/8 - 3/83.3
LTWS68MXFSnap Jig6' 8"MediumX-Fast16 - 123/16 - 5/83.7
LTWS70LFFinesse7' 0"LightFast14 - 81/16 - 1/43.2
LTWS70MLFRiggin'7' 0"Med. LightFast14 - 101/8 - 3/83.4
LTWS70MLF2Riggin'7' 0"Med. LightFast24 - 101/8 - 3/83.4
LTWS76MLXFSlip-N-Rig7' 6"Med. LightX-Fast14 - 101/8 - 3/83.6
LTWS76MLXF2Slip-N-Rig7' 6"Med. LightX-Fast24 - 101/8 - 3/83.6
LTWS80MLF2Drift-N-Float8' 0"Med. LightFast24 - 101/8 - 3/83.8
Specific Rod Details

LTWS59MXF / Classic Jig: This short rod is recommended for jig applications requiring a stout, fast stick.

LTWS63MLXF / Vertical Jig: This rod is designed for vertical jigging with lighter-weight jigs and is ideal for shallow water angling.

LTWS63MXF/ Vertical Jig: Our most popular vertical jig model that excels in a variety of depths with multiple weight lures.

LTWS66MLF / Jig-N-Rig: This is an extremely versatile walleye rod capable of handling many techniques including, of course, jigging and rigging.

LTWS66MLF2 / Jig-N-Rig: A two-piece version Jig-N-Rig rod for anglers needing the convenience of break down for storage in compact places and traveling.

LTWS68MXF / Snap Jig: This popular design is well-suited for powerful jig techniques and fishing in rivers with heavy current.

LTWS70LF / Finesse: A great light-line, small-lure rod with plenty of backbone for handling large walleyes. Ideal for deep water.

LTWS70MLF / Riggin’: This very popular design is ideal for live bait rigging. It also works well for hand trolling stick baits.

LTWS70MLF2 / Riggin’: This two-piece version rod handles all the applications of the one-piece model plus provides added convenience.

LTWS76MLXF / Slip-N-Rig: A perfect rod for fishing slip bobbers and live bait rigging. This rod provides superior leverage and features a very sensitive tip.

LTWS76MLXF2 / Slip-N-Rig: The two-piece version slip bobber and live bait rigging rod is equally popular. It has excellent butt section power with a very fast tip.

LTWS80MLF2 / Drift-N-Float: This rod is highly recommended for all drift and float fishing techniques. It also makes a fine live bait rod.

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Customer Reviews
Pawel Grzybowski
e.rutherford . nj
best rod ever
Cons: doesnt come with the cover
Comments: the fishing rod is very good the only thing it needs is a cover for the rod from buying the rod from shimanno even for $ 50 the rod comes with a cover
 Great American made rod
Pros: Highest quality, Looks great
Cons: Cracker Jacks do not use these as their prize.
Comments: I know it does not directly impact performance, but it's nice to get a pole that looks as good as it works. I'm not sure why, but it seems to me that many good rods do not look that good. That said, a pretty rod is not necessarily a great rod, but St Croix is firing on all cylinders here. Looks great fishes as well as it looks. Like all high end items the increase in performance over the level below it is only worth it if you can afford it. A VW and a Porsche both get you there... The increased sensitivity of this rod over a Premier is real, and will occasionally make a difference, but is less of a difference than going from a fiberglass Ugly stick to a Premiere to be sure. This is an "I want one", not an "I need one" rod unless you need to win tournaments for a living, and most people who are doing that still use lesser rods because their sponsors rods are not this good.
south jersey
Pros: lightweight, super sensitive, everything
Best Uses: river smallmouth, walleye fishing
Comments: This is my second legend tournament walleye rod. Its great for smallmouth bass in rivers,very sensitive,light and with plenty of backbone for any size smallmouth.!
New Jersey
 Piece Of Art
Pros: lightweight, super sensitive
Best Uses: Smallmouth, walleye fishing
Comments: I have been updating my fishing rods from the 80's90's.What a beautiful rod! It's craftmenship is unbelievable.Can't wait to use it on smallmouth!!
upstate ny
Avid Angler
 great rod great service
Pros: everything
Best Uses: walleye fishing
Comments: I have not had this rod out yet but it is my second one in this line.All St Croix rods are great.I love the feel and the craftsmanship of this rod.I love the guides on this rod they are awesome.Fuji k-series.They are tangle free and help in casting lite line.But best of all Fish Usa is the best company I have ever ordered from.The people are great and the shiping was fast.I will be a life long customer.
Conneaut Lake, PA
 Exceded my expaectations.
Comments: Part of the walleye series but I purchased as a light smallmouth jig rod. Nicer than I anticipated, couldn't be happier. Light weight, ergonomic, well crafted, attention to fit and finish. Will be purchasing other rods from the Legend Tournament Line in the future.
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