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St. Croix Legend Tournament Bass Casting Rods

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Item #: F12109541

St. Croix Legend Tournament Bass Casting Rods have been redesigned and re-engineered! The even lighter SCIV graphite blanks not only feature St. Croix's exclusive ART and IPC technologies, but with the re-tooling comes FRS resin for improved durability. These rods have also been updated with Fuji's latest reel seats and K Series tangle-free guides. With 18 technique-specific models to choose from it will be easy to select the Legend Tournament Bass Casting Rod that's right for you.

Features of St. Croix Legend Tournament Bass Casting Rods include:

  • Integrated Poly Curve (IPC) tooling technology
  • Advanced Reinforcing Technology (ART)
  • High-modulus, high-strain SCIV graphite with FRS resin
  • FRS resin adds unparalleled strength and durability to the rod blank
  • Fuji K Series Guide System with Alconite rings and polished frames (Ideal for use with braided, monofilament and fluorocarbon lines)
  • Fuji SK2 split reel seats - The ultimate in lightweight sensitivity
  • Machined aluminum winding checks and trim pieces
  • Split-grip super-grade cork handle
  • Lifetime limited warranty backed by St. Croix Superstar Service

St. Croix Legend Tournament Bass Casting Rods are made in the U.S.A.


St. Croix Legend Tournament Bass Casting Rods
TBC68MFJerkbait6' 8"1MediumFast10 - 1714 - 583.8
TBC68MXFTop Water
Shake Flick
6' 8"1MediumX-Fast8 - 1414 - 583.8
TBC68MHFJig-N-Worm6' 8"1Med. HeavyFast12 - 2038 - 14.1
TBC610MLXFDrop Shot
6' 10"1Med. LightX-Fast6 - 1018 - 123.8
TBC610MXFShaky Head6' 10"1MediumX-Fast10 - 1418 - 5163.9
TBC71MFPlastics7' 1"1MediumFast10 - 1714 - 584.0
TBC71MHFSpinner Bait
7' 1"1Med. HeavyFast12 - 2038 - 14.4
7' 1"1Med. HeavyX-Fast12 - 2014 - 344.4
TBC72MMSmall Cranker7' 2"1MediumModerate8 - 1414 - 583.2
TBC73MHFCarolina Rig7' 3"1Med. HeavyFast12 - 2558 - 1144.6
TBC73XHFBig Jig7' 3"1X-HeavyFast17 - 301 - 2125.2
Swim Jig
7' 4"1HeavyFast14 - 2538 - 1125.0
Lite Flippin'
7' 6"1Med. HeavyMod. Fast12 - 2538 - 1145.0
TBC78MHMBig Cranker7' 8"1Med. HeavyModerate10 - 2038 - 14.0
TBC79HMFPunchin'7' 9"1HeavyMod. Fast14 - 3012 - 25.4
TBC710HFSwim Bait7' 10"1HeavyFast14 - 301 - 45.5
TBC710HMMagnum Cranker7' 10"1HeavyModerate12 - 2512 - 1384.6
TBC711HMFFlippin'7' 11"1HeavyMod. Fast14 - 3012 - 25.2
6' 9"1Med. HeavyMod. Fast10 - 2014 - 584.2
7' 0"1Med. HeavyMod. Fast12 - 2038 - 344.3
Specific Rod Details

TBC68MXF / Top Water & Shake Flick - Perfect rod for poppers and walk-the-dog type baits. Well-suited for tubes, grubs and unweighted soft plastics.

TBC68MHF / Jig-N-Worm - A perfect choice for jigs and worms with a lot of backbone to move fish out of heavy cover.

TBC610MLXF / Drop Shot & Finesse - Ideal light-line finesse worm rod for drop shotting. Light tip design allows for shaking with ample backbone for deep-water hook sets.

TBC610MXF / Shaky Head - Designed with William Davis of Davis Bait Company – Shaky Head inventor and St. Croix pro-staffer – so you know it handles his baits exceptionally well. Also a fine choice for unweighted soft plastics and top-water baits.

TBC71MF / Plastics - A great rod for fishing soft plastics including Senko®-style baits. Ideal for tubes, grubs, small worms, light jigs, small spinnerbaits and buzzbaits.

TBC71MHF / Spinner Bait & Jig-N-Worm - A super rod for searching open water with big spinnerbaits. It’s also ideal for jigs, worms and working heavy cover.

TBC71MHXF / Swim Jig Finesse - Excels with swim jigs and smaller jigs worked in heavy cover. Its unique design combines a very powerful butt section with a light and sensitive tip.

TBC72MM / Small Cranker - This rod is awesome for fishing small-size and shallow running crankbaits because of its moderate action.

TBC73MHF / Carolina Rig - Ideal for fishing Carolina rigs with worms and lizards.

TBC73XHF / Big Jig - Our most powerful bass rod is designed to pull hawgs from the nastiest cover imaginable with jumbo-size jigs.

TBC74HF / Slop-N-Frog & Swim Jig - Perfect rod for fishing slop and lily pads with frogs and rats. Designed to efficiently cast light frogs. Also recommended for swim jigs.

TBC76MHMF / Pitchin’ & Lite Flippin' - This versatile rod is a great choice for pitching jigs into cover or for lighter flipping applications.

TBC78MHM / Big Cranker - With longer crankbait rods becoming popular this rod is destined to become a top choice for handling a wide variety of medium-to-large crankbaits at various depths.

TBC79HMF / Punchin’ - This heavy power rod with its moderate-fast action is ideal for punching jigs through the thickest of cover. Also well suited for flipping.

TBC710HF / Swim Bait - A perfect rod for handling a variety of swim baits with ease and efficiency.

TBC710HM / Magnum Cranker - This unique, heavy power, moderate action rod is designed specifically to handle big, deep running crankbaits with extreme efficiency.

TBC711HMF / Flippin’ - At just under 8', this stick provides just the right combination of power and tip flex for all heavy cover vertical presentations.

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