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Model: Tiger Roan 3.5"
Model: Golden Rogue 3.5"
Model: Fire Tiger 3.5"
Model: Purple Chub 3.5"
Model: White Perch 3.5"
Model: Tiger Roan 4.5"
Model: Bream 4.5"
Model: Golden Bass 4.5"
Model: Chrome/Black Back 4.5"
Model: Chrome/Black Back/Orange Belly 4.5"
Model: Chrome/Blue Back 4.5"
Model: Chrome/Blue Back/Orange Belly 4.5"
Model: Clown 4.5"
Model: Golden Rogue 4.5"
Model: Silver/Black Stripes 4.5"
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Model: Tiger Roan 3.5
Model: Golden Rogue 3.5
Model: Fire Tiger 3.5
Model: Purple Chub 3.5
Model: White Perch 3.5
Model: Tiger Roan 4.5
Model: Bream 4.5
Model: Golden Bass 4.5
Model: Chrome/Black Back 4.5
Model: Chrome/Black Back/Orange Belly 4.5
Model: Chrome/Blue Back 4.5
Model: Chrome/Blue Back/Orange Belly 4.5
Model: Clown 4.5
Model: Golden Rogue 4.5
Model: Silver/Black Stripes 4.5

Smithwick Floating Rattlin Rogue


The Smithwick Floating Rattlin Rogue lures feature a loud internal rattle system. The rolling, side to side motion mimics a wounded baitfish attracting gamefish and promoting vicious strikes. The Smithwick Floating Rattlin Rogue lures dive to depths of 0 - 2 feet when retrieved.

The Smithwick Floating Rattlin Rogue lures grab the attention of a multitude of species of gamefish, including bass, walleye, stripers, pike, and trout. The 3.5" models are equipped with two size 6 treble hooks and the 4.5" models have three size 6 treble hooks.

Specifications for the Smithwick Floating Rattlin Rogues can be seen under the Specifications tab above.

Smithwick Floating Rattlin Rogues
Length (in.)Cranking Depth (ft.)Trolling Depth (ft.)Weight (oz.)Treble Hooks
3.50 - 11 - 4142 No. 6
4.50 - 22 - 6133 No. 6
buffalo ny
About Me:
best lure for the night time walleye fishing
Pros: none
Cons: none
Best Uses: none
Walleye Rogue!
Leroy NY
About Me:
Not Specified
Strong action with a wiggle that makes the eyes take notice and bite. Heat up the grease no catch and release. Fish is brain food.
Pros: lots of colors, great action, good hooks
Cons: none
Best Uses: None Specified