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Shimano Clarus Salmon & Steelhead Casting Rods


Shimano Clarus Salmon & Steelhead Casting Rods are designed for the serious salmon and steelhead angler. Shimano has updated these popular rods with even more great features including redesigned IM-8 blanks which are lighter and more sensitive to help you catch more fish. Shimano used some of the best fisherman and dealer input when creating these rods. Additional key features include the newly designed reel seats and Grade A cork handles.

Clarus Salmon & Steelhead Casting Rods are equipped with lightweight Fuji aluminum oxide guides. These guides are produced from a special blend of aluminum oxides and are diamond polished to an ultra smooth finish. This guide system offers greater sensitivity, castability, increased accuracy, and decreased line wear.

Features of Shimano Clarus Salmon & Steelhead Casting Rods include:

  • IM-8 graphite construction
  • Fuji aluminum oxide guide system with black frames
  • Specialized salmon and steelhead designs
  • Custom Shimano reel seats with exposed blank for sensitivity
  • Grade A cork handles
  • Metallic charcoal blank finish
  • Hook keeper
  • One-year limited manufacturer's warranty

Shimano Clarus Salmon & Steelhead Casting Rods
CSC80MHB8' 0"1Med. HeavyFast10 - 201 - 3
CSC80HB8' 0"1HeavyFast15 - 402 - 8
CSC82MHB8' 0"1Med. HeavyX-FastTBD1/2 - 5
CSC86M2B8' 6"2MediumFast8 - 123/8 - 3/4
CSCX86M2B8' 6"2Mag. MediumX-Fast10 - 203/8 - 4
CSC86MH2B8' 6"2Med. HeavyFast8 - 173/8 - 1
CSCX86MH2B8' 6"2Mag. HeavyX-Fast12 - 251/2 - 5
CSC86H2B8' 6"2HeavyX-Fast15 - 301 - 6
CSC88MH2B8' 8"2Med. HeavyX-Fast12 - 171/2 - 5
CSC90ML2B9' 0"2LightModerate6 - 101/4 - 1/2
CSC90M2B9' 0"2MediumFast8 - 123/8 - 3/4
CSC90H2B9' 0"2HeavyModerate10 - 301 - 6
CSC96M2B9' 6"2MediumFast8 - 123/8 - 3/4
CSC96MH2B9' 6"2Med. HeavyFast8 - 173/8 - 1
CSC96H2B9' 6"2HeavyModerate10 - 301 - 6
CSC100M2B10' 0"2MediumFast8 - 171/4 - 1/2
CSC100H2B10' 0"2HeavyModerate10 - 301 - 6
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Customer Reviews
 Great value
Pros: Limited lifetime warranty
Cons: Shoddy workmanship
Comments: This rod (I have the 8'6 MH power, fast action) was about what I expected for the price. Nice and light with a soft tip, but with plenty of power for throwing heavier spoons/cankbaits/lead. The rod has more than enough backbone and length to control salmon and steelhead in the 10-20 pound range. I like the rod and would recommend it to someone who wants a serviceable salmon rod for a decent price, but it does not measure up to the more expensive rods in the same category. As light as this rod is, it could easily be lighter. The handle and reelseat assembly is fairly minimalist, though saving weight here does little to improve the feel of the rod. The upside of the barely-there reelseat is it makes my reels easier to palm. The guides, on the other hand, are over-sized. More than half of them are double-footed, and the guide closest to the reel is so big it almost looks like a spinning rod guide. I would have preferred a slightly higher pricetag to go along with higher quality and lighter weight guides. While lighter guides might only decrease the weight of the rod by a fraction of an ounce, the fact that the guide weight is distributed along the length of the rod would make the rod *feel* much lighter. As for the quality of the components and workmanship, you get exactly what you pay for: a Chinese-assembled rod. One of the guides on my rod was inexplicably epoxied on slightly crooked. While this isn't enough to make a difference in the rod's performance, it annoys me every time I look at it. In addition, the epoxy on the ferrule of the tip half of my rod had a small chip in it. Again, this has no impact on performance but it annoys me nonetheless. The cork in the handle and foregrip is obviously medium grade and dotted with patches of wood filler. The bottom line on this rod is that it will do the jobs it is designed for admirably at a affordable price. Unfortunately, it only gets a 4/5 from me because of workmanship issues and poor guide design. Perhaps I'm being harsh, but I would give this rod a 3/5 if it didn't have a limited lifetime warranty. If you want a work of art, get a high-end St. Croix or Loomis. If you want a value and aren't bothered by imperfections, go with the Clarus.
Leavenworth Wa
Advanced Angler
Great rod...
Pros: lite, strong.
Comments: Love this rod.Salmon have met their match with this one!
Skagit County Washington
 Top End....Great Pole
Pros: Light and strong.
Best Uses: Steelhead and Salmon Plunking
Comments: I was looking for something sturdy enough to handle steelhead and salmon but with enough feel to it that you could plunk and feel the bait working. I shopped hard and this is the best pole for the money. Very well built and beautiful to look at. Five stars.
 Great CA surf rod
Pros: length, action
Best Uses: C-Rig & Hard baits
Comments: Great rod for surf fishing the west coast
New York
 Salmon & Steelhead excellent fishing rod for this price
Comments: It is an excellent price for this rod, was fishing few days on Salmon River, Pulaski all day long and lended about 15 big King Salmon with range of 20-30 ponds each, was using 15 lb line
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