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Shakespeare Ugly Stik Big Water Fly Rods are tough rods at a great price. These rods feature a graphite inner core and an E-Glass outer layer, Shakespeare's exclusive quick-taper "Clear Tip" design, premium cork handles, Fuji graphite twist-lock design reel seats with cushion inserts, a hook keeper, and two stripping guides.

Shakespeare Ugly Stik Big Water Fly Rods come with a five year manufacturer's warranty.


Shakespeare Ugly Stik Big Water Fly Rods
BWF1100-90899' 0"8/92
BWF1100-90109' 0"102
Review Summary
(32 Reviews)
of customers would recommend this product.96%
Reviewer Profile:   Avid Fisher (13), Casual/ Recreational (3), Professional (2)
Durable (16)
Flexible (11)
Good Tip Action (11)
Accurate Casting (10)
Easy To Transport (9)
Heavy (3)
None yet (3)
heavy (3)
Too heavy (2)
Needs to be 3or4 piece (2)
Best Uses
Large Fish (17)
River Fishing (16)
Fly Fishing (13)
Ocean Fishing (6)
handle any salmon easily (2)

Customer Reviews
Front Royal Virginia
Ugly all around.
Pros: It's a Ugly Stik!, Good all around rod., 9' is fairly standard., 8 to 10 weight will land Bass.
Cons: Price vs in-production rods., Selection is limited.
Best Uses: River Bass.
Comments: I have only Ugly Stiks for all my fishing. I have 10 Ugly Stiks right now, 5 are GX2's, half Casting and half Spinning. I have Daiwa Open-Face, Under-Spin, Spin-Cast and Closed-Faced reels on them and all fish to beat the band, Daiwa and Ugly Stik are a perfect match for me. I once played with Fly Fishing but never took it serious. Now I live near great Fly Fishing streams in Virginia. Going with a Ugly Stik Fly was a no-brainer, slapping on a Daiwa Fly Reel and I'm sure it will preform as well as my many others. Ugly Stiks have never left me down, never broke one, bent and snagged them and ripped off guides but easy to fix as long as rod is good. They have always given me exceptional value for their price. I only wish they still made these and even expanded the choices, with Shore Rods, Catfish Rods, Trolling Rods, Tiger Rods and so on why stop making Fly Rods? Cost me a little more here but fine with me as its the only place I found them new and in stock. Was amazed it shipped same day I ordered. Really made me give FishUSA a deeper look and I like what I see, bookmarked and will certainly look here also when searching for fishing gear from now on. Can't wait to add another Ugly to my collection and start catching Bass a whole new way!
south florida panda.
south florida
 Best bang for the buck
Comments: To start off very good value for the amount of money you're spending. Very stiff rod but the rod will take a beating. My current setup is the wright & mcgill 11-12 wt reel and with this rod very good.
Great Value- well made
Pros: durable
Cons: None yet
Comments: 9ft 10W, perfect for Salmon on the river in NY. They are on the heavy side.. but so is a 25lb King Salmon!
rome new york
 ugly stick
Pros: durable
Best Uses: handle any salmon easily
Comments: i now own 2 of these them use for salmon fishing on the Pulaski river...
 ugly stick fly rod
Pros: Cost Effective, looks and feels durable.
Cons: Heavy, slow rod action
Best Uses: salt water, big fish
Comments: This is a heavy and very sturdy rod. Because of its weight it is difficult to cast one handed for long periods of time. I recommend a two handed technique to overcome this problem. Not a long distance performer due to its slow action. Overall a good value because of the low price.
Excellent Rod For the Price
Pros: Cheap, Effective and its an Ugly Stik
Comments: Great fly rod at a good price. This rod is a bit thicker than my redington crosswater 8 wt fly rod but I cant feel the difference between them regarding weight. Casting is also no worse with this rod than my Redington Croswater, action on either rod seems about the same. I am currently using it with a Redington Surge 7/8/9 reel with WF8F fly line.
triple cities, NY
Best flyrod ever
Pros: Most durable of any priced rod
Cons: don't make my favorite anymore
Best Uses: any type fishin you would use a fly rod for
Comments: For everyone that loves these flyrods. Lets see if we can get Shakespear to make the Uglystik lite again. I've owned and worn out many of these flyrods. Broke a few too. Would absolutely tell you that there isn't another flyrod out there that will hold up as well to the punishment steelhead and salmon put on a rod. My favorite was the Uglystik Lite. Sure wish they would still make em.
NJ Tileguy
New Jersey
 not sure about the rods yet, but i love this site
Comments: The Shakespeare rods I'm sure will be fine. After all, they are ugly sticks, a name that's been around awhile. What I'm really impressed with is the ease of the site and the customer service. I will definitely shop here again.
Pros: Would not break on salmon
Cons: None yet
Best Uses: Big Fish
Comments: I am so glad to find a Fly rod that will last. I am tired of the fancy name brands that do not last. If you fly fish for big steelhead, and salmon. You must have one. Great price too!
Salinas, Ca
 Perfect time for review request from Fish Usa
Pros: Great backbone and action at an excellent price
Comments: This was the perfect time for my review request from Fish Usa. I just caught a 38lb Striper on this pole day before yesterday. It handled the fish like a dream. Has plenty of backbone for big fish. I like the action and length of a fly rod, but use it with very small conventional level wind reel loaded with 15lb test for live bait, instead of traditional fly rpd gear. A fly rod like this has the action and power I was looking for I can't seem to find without having a custom expensive pole made. If the guides were all like the first two stripping guides throughout, and the handle was 6 inches longer, it would be the perfect rod that I am looking for.
American River Ca.
 Shakespeare Fly Rod
Pros: Strong, Great price, An absolute bargain
Cons: Needs to be 3or4 piece
Best Uses: Salmon and other large fish
Comments: Rod is great like all Shakepeare big rod's. They need to make an have them in 3 to 4 piece breakdown.Used rod over the weekend an caught three salmon. It held up to it's name!!
Milwaukee WI
 One Heavy Flyrod
Pros: cost, warranty, looks and feels durable.
Cons: heavy, heavy, heavy
Best Uses: Salmon and other large fish
Comments: As others have pointed out, this is a heavy flyrod. I actual purchased for my son-in law to use, since he regularly breaks fishing rods.I wanted a heavy rod with a warranty and that's what I got. We use for Salmon fishing . He likes it, but too heavy for me to use after about a half hour..
Pond Eddy, NY
 Nothing Beats an Ugly Stik for Salmon in Pulaski, NY
Pros: Would not break on salmon, Reliable
Best Uses: Big Fish
Comments: I recently fished the Salmon River in Pulaski, NY with 3 different Big Water Ugly Stiks. They all performed flawlessly even though they were literally bent in half while attempting to net these huge salmon by myself. There were others guys fishing nearby who had their $200 fly rods snapped in half and all my quide friend would say to them is don't waste your time with those expensive rods. Get an Ugly Stik.
Red Bank, NJ
 Great Product.
Pros: Easy To Transport, Durable, Accurate Casting
Best Uses: Fly Fishing, Large Fish, River Fishing
Comments: Have landed 20 - 30 lbs. Salmon with this rod. Price is very good for the quality.
Westfield, NY
 'Walk softly . . .'
Pros: Durable, Good Tip Action, Easy To Transport, Flexible
Best Uses: River Fishing, Ocean Fishing, Large Fish
Comments: A big stick with great action.
indiana/ michigan
great first fly rod
Pros: Flexible, An absolute bargain, Good Tip Action, Accurate Casting, Durable
Cons: Too heavy
Best Uses: Fly Fishing, River Fishing, Large Fish
Comments: needs more graphite and less fiberglass to lighten it up. needs more length/ action/ weight options
Woodhaven Mi.
 Shakespeare Ugly Stick Big Water Fly Rod
Pros: Accurate Casting, Good Tip Action, Big Fish Rod, Easy To Transport, Durable, Flexible, Sensitive
Best Uses: River Fishing, Ocean Fishing, Large Fish, Fly Fishing
Comments: One of the BEST rods I've ever used. It'll land the WHOPPERS!! NO PROBLEM!!!
 8/9 wt Shakespeare ugly stik big Water
Best Uses: River Fishing, Fly Fishing, Large Fish
Comments: I haven't had a chance to try yet but I plan on using it for salmon,steelhead and pike I own a few ugly stik casting and spinning rod's and they never let me down. Very affordable for the price and rod's you can count on to bring the big one in.I'll give it a four star rating on good faith for the product in general.
Salmon Joe
Northeast PA
 Not really that UGLY!
Pros: Reliable, Sensitive
Cons: None yet
Best Uses: Large Fish
Comments: I used my friend's Ugly Stik for first time fishing salmon and immediately bought my own.
Buck tooth Jim
Reading PA
 Great rod for Salmon
Pros: Good Tip Action, Durable, Flexible, Sensitive, Easy To Transport, Accurate Casting
Best Uses: River Fishing, Fly Fishing, Large Fish
Comments: Just got back from fishing the Salmon river in NY, This rod handled 25 pound salmon no problem. Great rod for the price you can no go wrong with this rod.
Plum PA
Professional Angler
 Good rod for the $
Pros: Good Tip Action, Sensitive, Flexible, Accurate Casting, Durable, Easy To Transport
Cons: Too Stiff, Too heavy
Best Uses: Large Fish, River Fishing, Fly Fishing
Comments: I use this rod for salmon fishing and wind mono on a fly reel for short drifts. This rod is pretty much unbreakable and worth the money. It will handle large fish and a heavy line with no problem. I worried more about the hook being ripped out of the fish's mouth than breaking the rod while catching salmon. This rod does feel a bit heavy towards the handle after casting for long periods of time compared to other fly rods.
Inchelium WA.
 ugly stick poles can't do no wrong
Pros: Accurate Casting, Durable, Flexible, Easy To Transport, Good Tip Action, Sensitive
Best Uses: Small Fish, Ocean Fishing, River Fishing, Large Fish, Fly Fishing
Comments: this pole is perfect for fly fishing, trolling flies, and with a sensitive tip it is perfect for still fishing.
Western Maryland
Do You Want To Catch Fish?
Pros: Durable, Cost Effective, Flexible, Good Tip Action, Accurate Casting, Sensitive
Best Uses: River Fishing, Large Fish, Fly Fishing
Comments: You can spend big bucks buying top name fly rods but this rod will do the same thing for a lot less money. If you would by chance break this rod(which I doubt) your not going to suffer a great loss,except loosing a good rod. With good line it has a very sensitive touch, good action and durable. What can I say, It catches Fish!!! A Happy Owner who is planning to buying a second rod, you can't go wrong!
big Mike
 10 wt. ugly stick flyrod
Pros: Accurate Casting, Flexible, Sensitive, Durable, Good Tip Action, Easy To Transport
Best Uses: Fly Fishing, Large Fish, River Fishing, Ocean Fishing
Comments: I live in Washington state,,and like to fly fish for steelhead and salmon..the fish may run from 5lbs to 40lbs..This rod can handle anything you catch..few rods at any price can turn a 20lbs plus salmon in a river without worring about it breaking,,,,happy camper!!
Salmon KId
 Good Value - Big Fish Rod
Pros: Durable
Best Uses: River Fishing, Large Fish, Salmon Fishing, Fly Fishing
Comments: Just what I was looking for I needed a strong rod for Michigan Salmon. Can't wait to try it out next fall.
B Shutter
This rod can not disappoint you.
Pros: Durable, Good Tip Action, Flexible
Best Uses: Fly Fishing, River Fishing, Ocean Fishing, Large Fish
Comments: I have fished with these rods around and in Lake Ontario for over 15 years. I've given away 3 to nephews. I will loan them to anyone because I have seen the abuse they will take. If you break one of these rods,(8-12#wt.) you will be embarrassed to tell anyone how you did it, because they won't break with a fish on up to thirty pounds! Perfect rod for any child or first time Salmon or Steelhead fisherman.
Fairfield, CT
 Great rod for Salmon in the Salmon river
Pros: Would not break on salmon, Durable, Strong, Great price, Easy To Transport
Cons: Heavy
Best Uses: Large Fish, River Fishing
Comments: Good strong rod for use in the Salmon river of NY ( Pulaski) for large ( 20 to 25 lbs) salmon. Used with fly reel and mono line.
hastings pa
ugly fly rod
Pros: Durable, Accurate Casting
Cons: Hard To Transport, Needs to be 3or4 piece, Heavy
Best Uses: Large Fish
Comments: used rod on salmon river,good solid rod,bulletproof.but a little heavy for casting all day ,and too long to transport easy.
fish michigan
mid michigan
 Very nice rod!!
Pros: Flexible, Sensitive, Durable, Easy To Transport, Good Tip Action
Best Uses: Fly Fishing, River Fishing
Comments: will do whatever you want with big fish(salmon) ect own a 6\7 weight and love the feel of these. They are great!! Don't let anyone tell you different.
Twinsburg, OH
 Ugly Stik Big Water 8/9 Weight Fly Rod
Pros: Accurate Casting, Durable
Best Uses: Ocean Fishing, Large Fish, Fly Fishing, River Fishing
Comments: Nicely fitted out for the price. Good quality cork, nice fighting butt, beautiful finish. This is my second Ugly Stik fly rod. I also have the 6/7 weight. I like the up locking reel seat on the Big Water rods better than the down locking seat on the 6/7 weight rod. Shakespeare really needs to make these in four pieces for the traveling fly fisher.
elmira, ny
Professional Angler
 best for my type of fishing......
Pros: will not break., Durable, Good Tip Action, Flexible
Best Uses: handle any salmon easily, Large Fish, River Fishing
Comments: not as heavy as some say, if you want to put the fish on the bank this is the rod.. 8/9 wt. for kings and no probs no matter how fresh.
Customer Questions and Answers
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How many ounces does the Ugly Stik Saltwater rod weigh in 9 foot for 8 weight line?
November 19, 2015
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The Shakespeare Ugly Stik Big Water Fly Rods in the 8/9 wt. model weigh 8 ounces.
November 21, 2015
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