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Color: Holo Greenie
Color: Natural Shiner
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Sebile Vibrato
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Color: Holo Greenie
Color: Natural Shiner
Color: Orange Gold Black
Sebile Vibrato

The Sebile Vibrato makes power jigging easy and effortless thanks to the unique approach of making the bait flutter in the fall and vibrate on the pull to mimic a wounded baitfish. It is perfectly centered which gives you great control and action and gives it a slow flutter rate on the fall so it creates a lot of flash and disturbance.

Features of the Sebile Vibrato include:

  • Crank, jig, spoon, blade all rolled into one
  • Ideal for jigging with slow flutter on fall
  • Tip with live bait or Gulp
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Lots of flash and vibration (4)
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Customer Reviews
concrete god
South Dakota
Pros: fish dinner bell, easy to use, Lots of flash and vibration
Cons: the bigger sizes don't have that great of hooks
Comments: This lure was one of the most productive lures that I used all ice fishing caught perch, walleye and northern.....I have half a dozen on had, all the time.
concrete god
South Dakota
 fish killer
Pros: durable, Lots of flash and vibration, use with or without bait
Cons: I don't care for the hook quality on the 1/2 and 3/4 oz
Comments: I have caught countless amounts of perch, walleye and northern with these lures. I've only used them ice fishing, and am anxious to try them out jigging from the boat. It certainly rings the dinner bell!! If you're using this lure, and don't see or catch any fish, then move, because the fish aren't there.
Avid Angler
 sebile vibrato
Pros: Lots of flash and vibration
Comments: Great vibe bait for ice fishing
 Good for walleye, summer or ice fishing...
Pros: Lots of flash and vibration
Cons: price
Comments: vibrates like a blade bait but is not really a blade bait. Lots of vibration and flash, this bait catches fish! But is a little on the pricey side.
Toronto, Canada
Works perfect for whitefish
Comments: This lure works amazing all year around to catch near bottom fish like whitefish. To use this lure in the deep water (80f or more) use braided line with regular line as a leader to present the lure while jigging. Long regular lines absorb jigging motions and does not allow the lure to vibrate and attract fish
 Works great for bass
Pros: Yea
Cons: Limited
Comments: I used it for bass fishing and it work great
Central WI
 Balanced lure with lots of action
Pros: good action, lots of flash
Cons: big, expensive
Comments: Good choice for walleye and bass, but wish they came in smaller sizes b/c seems like perch and crappies would love them too. Require a different jigging technique for the best action than most other jigging lures, but puts out lots of flash. Hoping to try it out ice fishing this year.
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