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Scientific Anglers Tapered Fluorocarbon Leaders are ideal for any freshwater or saltwater fishing situation demanding durability and low visibility to fish. These 100% fluorocarbon leaders measure nearly the same as water on the refractive light index, making them invisible underwater. Scientific Anglers Tapered Fluorocarbon Leaders are not effected by UV rays or water and retain 100% tensile strength. These leaders are a favorite for salmon, steelhead, trout, and smaller inshore saltwater species. Each pack contains two 9 ft. leaders.

Features of the Scientific Anglers Tapered Fluorocarbon Leaders include:

  • 100% Fluorocarbon, no fillers
  • Best knot strength to diameter ratio
  • Virtually invisible in water
  • High abrasion resistance

Scientific Anglers Tapered Fluorocarbon Leaders
SizeTippet Diameter
Butt Diameter
Maxx Break
Strength (lb.)
Suggested Fly
6X0.0050.01703.116 - 22
5X0.0060.01904.012 - 18
4X0.0070.01905.08 - 14
3X0.0080.01906.56 - 12
2X0.0090.02108.24 - 10
1X0.0100.02109.34 - 8
0X0.0110.02112.51/0 - 4
120.0120.02314.02/0 - 4
150.0140.02317.63/0 - 2
200.0150.02320.74/0 - 2
Customer Reviews
McCandless, PA
 Good fo low/clear Tribs
Pros: Easy To Handle, Strong, Easy To Store
Best Uses: Fresh Water, Shore Casting
Comments: Good for Lake Erie Tribs Steelhead. Invisible in low clear waters[...]
Customer Questions and Answers
Ask a Question
Are there 2 leaders in each pack? I only see 1 leader in the picture but the description says there are 2 in each pack. Thanks in advance.
September 29, 2015
  -   (0) / (0) :
While the current product only comes as a single, we still sell two single packs at the same price as the original two pack.
September 29, 2015
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