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Savage Gear Soft 4 Play Lures - 10"

Savage Gear Soft 4 Play Lures - 10" give the specialist angler the option of rigging up in several ways. Place on a jig head for unparalleled swimbait action, on an offset hook for the most superior weedless presentation, or use with 4 Play Lip Sculls to get the most natural crank bait imaginable.

These Soft 4 Play Lures are hand painted and feature a natural swimming action. The action and look of 4 Play Lures make them a very effective and easily fished lure - they swim and move through the water like the real thing! Great for Pike, Musky, Walleye, Bass, and any other prey-hunting predators.

These lures come in single-packs.

Body Length
10"5 oz.Sinking

The available colors for Savage Gear Soft 4 Play Lures are shown in the table below.

FiretigerGolden AmbulanceRainbow Smolt
Firetiger (05)Golden Ambulance (09)Rainbow Smolt (06)

Real HerringRed FishSmolt
Real Herring (41) Red Fish (42)
Smolt (37)

These Soft 4 Play Lures are great in combination with ">Savage Gear 4 Play Offset Treble Hooks, ">Savage Gear 4 Play Lip Scull Jigs, and ">Savage Gear Sandeel Slug Offset Hooks.

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Best Uses: BIIIGGG
Comments: I read about the huge softbaits they use in CA for biiiggg bass, so even though I'm in the NE, I decided to give it a try. This thing swims realistic, can go low and slow and I can see a monster bass striking it. BUT fishing for monsters is a long shot, so you can cast this baby for hours upon hours with nothing -- no dinks, no 2lbers, no strikes. Gotta have faith and commitment. BTW -- you may not catch anything but the splash this thing makes when cast will make passers by think you had a big strike. Seriously, casting is a bit of a chore. Think side arm and timing and you'll throw it a mile.
 Great action
Pros: Looks and fishes like real bait.
Cons: Needs to be super glued sometimes
Comments: These baits look so real in the water and are fun to fish with. Sometime I'll cast it out and it will land with a loud smack and act like a dinner bell for large pike. I'll let it slowly sing with just a tiny jerk and pow, they hammer it! I tried different riggings with it and like the lip sculls the best and the weedless rigging second. I have had to super glue some of the tears and use a rubber band while it dries but then it's good for more. Looks great in the water but the next size smaller 71/2" has a little better action. I wish I had every color.
North East, OHIO
Pros: Great Fall Bait, Great action
Cons: Rigging, Heavy 5oz
Comments: Cast this MONSTER 10" 5oz beast in the fall and you will for sure get that big big toothy critter lurking in the weeds. Very life like action can be twitched slow rolled or ripped through the water with jerking action very awesome action very versatile.
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