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Savage Gear Larvae Lures offer a stunning and unique, supernatural larvae nymph imitation. The double-jointed body gives an incredible, life-like, yet erratic action. These lures are slow floating - just like a real nymph, and their superb imitation and fantastic details make these lures stand out from the crowd.

These Larvae Lures have shown excellent results during field testing on Trout, Salmon, Bass, and other game fish in both still and running water. They also feature customized Japanese Savage Gear tournament treble hooks.


Body LengthWeightStyle
2 1/5"1/5Slow Sinking
Customer Reviews
King John
 Nice action & works
Pros: Great wriggle action, Catches fish, Great Colors
Cons: Too expensive, Would like larger version
Best Uses: Anytimeplace just fish
Comments: This caught fish when some others didnt. It did catch a 14.5" bass and this could catch larger. Also caught crappie. This review is from limited use as I lost my fire tiger version in some rocks second time out... I lost a Supernato in the same dag gone snag GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR ! Would have liked to try the larger version as well. I just used a straight retrieve and experimented with speed of retrieve. This has an effortless wriggle action vs some I have bought that just drag on its side or need heavy jerks or faster retrieves to wriggle.
Yakima, WA
 Savage Gear Delivers!
Comments: When it came it was smaller than I thought, which is silly because I knew the size. Great lure, small bass couldn't get enough of it. Also caught a crappie on it randomly. Haven't caught a lunker with it yet, but I switched to something larger after about 10 small largies. Will probably buy another.
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