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Savage Gear 4 Play Weedless Hooks

Savage Gear Soft 4 Play Lure mounted on 4 Play Weedless HookSavage Gear 4 Play Weedless Hooks are offset, strong forged tournament hooks designed especially for the 4 Play Loose Body Swimbaits. These hooks feature a supply of matching size tungsten nuggets that slide on the hook shank with great ease, making it possible to get the desired sink rate adjusted perfectly.

Each package contains 5 hooks. Size 1 (small) includes 8 Tungsten nuggets (1/40 oz. each). Size 4/0 (medium) includes 8 Tungsten nuggets (1/28 oz. each). Size 7/0 (large) includes 7 Tungsten nuggets (1/23 oz. each).

These Savage Gear 4 Play Weedless Hooks are a great companion to the Savage Gear Soft 4 Play Lures:
Size 1 (Small) fits ">Soft 4 Play Loose Body Lures - 3 3/4",
Size 4/0 (Medium) fits ">Soft 4 Play Loose Body Lures - 5 1/8",
and Size 7/0 (Large) fits ">Soft 4 Play Loose Body Lures - 7 1/2".

Please note that the Soft 4 Play Loose Body Lure shown in the image is for illustrative purposes only and is not included.

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Customer Reviews
 Good Hooks
Pros: Sharp, strong, weedless, pretty good hook up %
Cons: None that I've found
Comments: These hooks are close to perfect for the soft 4 play lures. I still haven't gotten any other hooks to work, but I don't really need too. These are cheap enough, they're strong, and come pretty sharp. I still sharpen them but it's not really needed, I just have a habit of sharpening all of my hooks. Yeah they do stick out the belly of the bait, but that's pretty common among weedless rigged baits. You can't have a hook big enough to pop out the top and hook a fish if you try to make it stay completly inside. I've never had an issue with weeds hanging on them and I use them in some thick stuff for pike, so I don't see an issue. The hook up rate is fine for what it is. With a goal of keeping weeds away you have to deal with the fact that you'll miss a few fish. Just a tip, if fishing these for notherns, when they hit, give them a second. Lower your rod tip, make sure the line is tight, and then set the hook UP. Seeting with a sideways sweep isn't going to work very well with these hooks/lures, and the extra second will give you a better chance. Don't worry, they won't let go for a few seconds. Anyways, if you get the 4 play lures, get these hooks. They'll do what you need at a good price, and you won't need to waste fishing time trying to make other hooks work with them.
ocala, fl
 not sure these are right
Pros: Its A Strong Sharp Hook
Cons: Weedlesstoo Much, Not Really Right, Almost Fishless
Comments: the hook isnt really designed to go all the way inside the plastic leaving the loop exposed and increasing drag on the weeds. also there isnt much room for it to pull on the hook set leading to a poor hookup ratio. there must be a substitute to use with the softbait...but i havent found it yet
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