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Salmo Chubby Darter Lures


The Salmo Chubby Darter Lures has become a “must have” lure among ice fisherman. The unique action of the Chubby Darter is primarily for vertical fishing where the bait quivers and darts as the angler pulls upward on the rod tip. Trout, perch, crappie, walleye and pike all fall for the Chubby Darter.

More and more anglers are using Salmo Chubby Darter Lures in open water as it can be used like any lipless crankbait, but it sinks at a much slower rate, so it can be fished above and around cover.

We carry the Salmo Chubby Darter Lures in three sizes:

  • CD3 (1 1/3"); 1/8 oz.; two no. 14 hooks
  • CD4 (1 3/4"); 3/16 oz.; two no. 10 hooks
  • CD5 (2"); 3/8 oz.; two no. 8 hooks

Like all Salmo lures, Chubby Darters include Salmo's Lifetime Performance Guarantee. If for any reason your Salmo breaks, fails to run true or falls apart, (except if you wear out the hooks of course) Salmo-USA will replace the lure free of charge.

Review Summary
(18 Reviews)
of customers would recommend this product.94%
Reviewer Profile:   Advanced (3)
Walleye killer (2)
Beatiful color (2)
Awesome action (2)
fish attracting action (2)
good-looking action (2)
Best Uses
Vertical Jigging (3)
Bass (2)

Customer Reviews
Chicago, IL
 good lure
Pros: good-looking action
Cons: expensive
Best Uses: Bass
Comments: catch basses, but haven't caught walleye other fish yet. good lure.
Catches fishermen well, but fish?
Pros: Beatiful color, great finishes, good-looking action, nice weight
Cons: Never gets bit
Best Uses: Looking good in a tackle box
Comments: Here in Minnesota everyone has chubby darters for ice fishing. After 2 ice seasons or giving them a LOT of ice time, I'd had one successful experience with a chubby darter... and that was a day when I was catching crappies one after another on swedish pimples. When I ran out of bait, I switched to the darter and the action slowed, but did not stop. Outside of that day, I've never caught a fish on one. I've asked many other fishermen and I keep hearing the same experience. But they look SO GOOD!!!! It seems they have to work. I've removed them from my ice box and moved the larger sizes to my saltwater travel box. So far, I've tried them twice in the ocean, and again, they look great when casted and retrieved with twitches. Again, nothing has bit them, but in fairness, I've only given them a couple hours cast-and-retrieve time, and nothing else was getting bit those days, so the jury is out.
 Fish On
Pros: Fish On
Comments: Good jigging for any pond fish Crappie, pickerel, yellow perch
Advanced Angler
 Great! Shimmies about in the water and gets the trout a bitting!
Pros: Works, Quality build
Comments: Great! Shimmies about in the water and gets the trout a bitting!
 Awesome Lure!!!
Pros: Awesome action
Best Uses: Vertical Jigging
Comments: Great on eyes and perch
Buffalo, NY
 Very versatile lure
Pros: Very productive
Best Uses: Bass, walleye, pike
Comments: I used this lure for the first time this summer on Lake Erie (Buffalo), and it has been very productive in catching a variety of species including walleye, bass, northern Pike and carp. If you fish in the big lakes you can be sure that this lure will catch fish on any day at any time of day!
Upstate NY
 Great lure
Comments: It has a great wobble on the drop that always seems to draw fish in to investigate.
Western Pennsylvania
 Catches fish
Pros: Catches fish
Comments: Walleye love this lure.
north central montana
Advanced Angler
  ice fishing magnet
Pros: fish attracting action
Comments: have used the holo color darters on northern,walleyes and jumbo perch tipped with a minnow head or a small live minnow on either hook, you get a different action and gets fish aggressive.
United States
Comments: bass love these
Advanced Angler
 great action
Pros: fish attracting action
Cons: price
Comments: this is one of the best lures for aggressive walleye and perch. they get down fast and have a fantastic action. most bites are not light, the usually slam this bait. a stiffer action rod is required to use this bait effectively.
walleye bri
chetek wi
 great bait
Pros: Walleye killer
Best Uses: Vertical Jigging
Comments: one of the best tools for walleyes I have found
walleye bri
chetek wi
 great bait
Comments: fished walleyes on lake of the woods, it out fished livebait by far. i caught thirty two walleyes and countless saugar and all but one was caught on salmo glows. fish on.
Montana Icehound
Seeley Lake,Mt.
 Chubby Darter
Pros: Easy to use, Beatiful color, Lifelike, Easy to store, Awesome action
Best Uses: Ice fishing, Shallow water, Deep water, Jigging
Comments: Great colors,awesome action
north minnesota
 chubby darter is good
Comments: i like how this lure "floats" around as you use it. i can do many different things with this. i fish shallow and watch the fish hit it. amazing lure, better than lindy diver. i wish salmo made one larger for huge walleye and northerns.
South West PA
 super ice fishing lures
Pros: Pikemusky killer, Bass killer, Crappie perch killer, Walleye killer
Best Uses: Vertical Jigging
Comments: I field tested these last season with great success. Caught walleye at lakes where they are hard to catch. Worth every dollar .
New Carlisle, OH
 I had to have more of these producers
Pros: Unbeleivable action
Comments: They are just so lifelike.
Xenia, Ohio
 Had to have more
Comments: can't wait to use new colors through the Ice. When it finally gets here.
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