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SPRO Power Swivels with CoastLock Snaps feature stronger than standard barrel swivels and snaps providing super smooth rotation, tremendous strength and durability. These swivels and snaps keep line twist to a minimum and are made of high-grade stainless steel.

These Power Swivels have a gunmetal black finish.


SPRO Power Swivels with CoastLock Snap
SizeTest (lb.)Swivel Length (in.)Snap Length (in.)Eye Size (in.)Quantity Per Package
215011161 716183
1/018015161 343162
Customer Reviews
salmon slayer
syracuse, ny
 Quality far exceeds other snap swivels (besides Dreamweaver)
Pros: Durable, Heavy Duty, Quality Made
Cons: Pricey
Best Uses: Trolling
Comments: I really bought the largest size for downrigger weights but they are not big enough IMO. They will be good for diver snaps on the wire, or to attach the dropper to the speed/temp probe.
United States
 Great Connection
Pros: no failure with 20 lb. + salmon
Best Uses: big fish
Comments: These swivels held up without failure through this years salmon season.
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