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Ross Worldwide
Essence Elite Fly Fishing Outfits

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Ross WorldwideRoss Worldwide Essence Elite Fly Fishing Outfits are designed for anglers who want the convenience of purchasing an all-inclusive fly fishing package but demand the quality of premium specialty products. Included with each outfit is an Essence FC, 4-piece fly rod designed for a perfect blend of impeccable casting performance, eye-catching aesthetics and reserved power. Each outfit includes a Ross designed Flyrise large arbor fly reel that is built around the award winning Evolution LT drag system. This conical friction drag is super smooth and has a triple redundancy system; providing three backup systems to ensure dependability under the most demanding conditions. The Flyrise reel is pre-spooled with premium American made fly line, backing and a 9' tapered leader. Also included is a custom Cordura rod and reel case to protect your gear when traveling or in storage.

The Essence Elite fly fishing outfits are available in three different sizes (3 wt., 5 wt. and 8 wt.), covering everything from small streams to light saltwater. These are complete outfits - just tie on a fly and you are ready to fish!
Essence FC Fly RodFlyrise Fly Reel
Essence FC Fly RodFlyrise Fly Reel

The Essence Elite Fly Fishing Outfits include the following features:
  • Essence FC series 4 pc. fly rod with premium R-2 graphite blank construction
  • Smooth medium-fast rod actions
  • Half Wells handle with uplocking aluminum reel seat on 3, 4, and 5 wt. rods
  • Full Wells handle with uplocking aluminum reel seat and fighting butt on 8 wt. rods
  • Cordura rod/reel case included
  • Flyrise, large arbor, disk drag fly reel with aluminum alloy construction
  • Neoprene reel case included
  • Matching, premium weight forward, floating fly line complete with backing and leader
Additional specifications for these outfits are provided in the table below. The handle styles are shown in the image below the specifications table.

Essence Elite Fly Fishing Outfit Specifications
Model (Rod)HandleReelReel Capacity
Essence FC (8' 6", 3 wt., 4 pc.)AFlyrise 1WF3+75
Essence FC (9' 0", 5 wt., 4 pc.)AFlyrise 2WF5+125
Essence FC (9' 0", 8 wt., 4 pc.)BFlyrise 4WF8+200

Handle Styles
AEssence FC Series Fly Rod Handle A
BEssence FC Series Fly Rod Handle B

All Essence Elite Fly Fishing Outfits come with a lifetime manufacturer's warranty on the rod and reel.

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Customer Reviews
 From a beginner
Pros: Matched setup, Easy To Transport, Sensitive
Cons: Needs a user's guide
Best Uses: Small streams
Comments: I'm not sure how to rate this outfit - I'm a complete newbie and couldn't possibly be more of a beginner fly fisher... never touched a fly fishing system before, never had a lesson in my life. This is a fairly complete start-up system, with a rod and pre-spooled reel and carrying case. The case is sturdy and well-constructed, and gives me enough room to stuff a couple of leaders and one tippet spool in the pouch-area for the reel. The rod seems okay - I wouldn't recognize a superior rod from an inferior rod if one was biting my ankle, but this seems supple and I can cast correctly out to about 30 feet already. My one compalint about the rod is that the alignment dots that help you assemble the 4 pieces are on the underside - reel side - of the rod. When you assemble the rod, if you're not very careful, the weight or the reel will spin the dots away from you. Logically, the alignment dots should have been on the opposite side of the rod from the reel.. The reel seems okay, too. I chose the Essence Elite outfit for the superior drag system. I'm using this outfit for trout, but we also have steelhead in the rivers and I decided that having a true drag system might possibly be important. The 5-weight reel is smaller than I expected and that surpirsed me, but the fit and finish are fine. It ae pre-spooled with Scientific Anglers backing, floating fly line and tapered monofilament leader. I haven't replaced them, yet, but I have the feeling that the fly line is not the best quality. It is more stiff than I thought a fly line would be and hasn't made learning to cast easier. I'm not blaming the tools for my inexperience, but it doesn't behave the way I believe it should. I'll know when I replace it in a couple of months. I dropped one star because the outfit does not include a manual or user's guide or anything to help an idiot understand the rig. I had to go online to find out how to release the reel - as it turns out, I was trying to do it correctly but wasn't using enough force to pop out the reel. Maybe it's not meant to be a beginner's outfit, but come on! Even a $20 spinning reel has a manual with basic instructions. I'm happy with the purchase. I think it will be several years before my skill approaches tthe capabilities of this rod/reel combination, and I can finally learn about fly fishing without having to carry an encyclopedia to decipher all the new terminology. I would recommend the Ross Essence Elite Fly Fishing Outfit.
South Williamsport, PA
 Ross Worldwide Essence Elite
Pros: Flexible, Durable, Sensitive, Easy To Transport, Accurate Casting, Good Tip Action
Best Uses: Fly Fishing
Comments: First Fly Rod I ever bought so i don't know a lot about fly rods. Everyone who uses it says it works great. So far I have caught a bunch of trout on it including a 18" rainbow.
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