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Roger's White Wiggler Maggot Imitation Fly is a unique maggot imitation pattern developed by an Erie, Pennsylvania steelhead angler. This fly is made with pieces of yarn with burnt ends, and looks strikingly similar to real maggots on a hook. This pattern is tied locally by the creator of the pattern on a premium, extra-strong size 18 scud hook.

Each package contains 2 flies.

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Customer Reviews
 Fish in Your Hand
Pros: Good For Variety Of Fish
Comments: How could you not have a hand full of these!!!
smock pa
 Unbelievable fly
Comments: this is absolutely one of the best flies have ever seen and used, killer on erie steelhead if you get a chance BUY IT you wont be disappointed.
Rick the Runner
Gibsonia, PA
Will use again!
Comments: Caught a large steelhead with this fly on a day when they were fairly inactive. Thanks, Roger!
Frewsburg, N.Y.
 A tackle box must
Pros: Irresistible to Fish, Looks Realistic, Strong, Good For Variety Of Fish
Best Uses: Fresh Water, Ice Fishing
Comments: I saw this fly and had to add it to my box.
Pittsburgh, PA
 Looks like live maggots on a hook!
Pros: Good For Variety Of Fish, Strong, Looks Realistic, Good Steelhead Fly
Best Uses: Trout Steelhead, Fresh Water
Comments: While Steelhead fishing in Erie, PA I often used what my friends and I call the "ERIE BLEND". This is where we tip a fly with live maggots. The White Wiggler eliminates the need for the live maggots and is just as effective!
chester springs, pa
 White Wiggler Maggot fly works great
Pros: Looks Realistic, Irresistible to Fish
Best Uses: Fresh Water
Comments: I enjoyed catching large Steelhead with this fly.
Everett, WA
 "Looks real and fish love it"
Pros: Good For Variety Of Fish, Easy To Store, Looks Realistic
Best Uses: Jigging, Shore Casting, Fresh Water
Comments: Being from PA but stationed in Everett Wa I wasn't sure what to use for salmon. My father sent this out to me so I could give it a try. It worked like a champ!!!! I had people asking me where I got it because they never saw anything like it before. The only thing out here is the hook needs to be just a little bigger. A #6 or 8 would be perfect. Other then that it will be in my tackle box from now on!!!
Tommy B.
Fayetteville, NC
 Great all around pattern
Pros: Looks Realistic, Good For Variety Of Fish
Best Uses: Fresh Water, ideal for brooks
Comments: I used this pattern with great results from the Yellow Breaches of Pennsylvania to Bennett Springs, Missouri.
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