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Redington Pursuit Fly Rods are smooth casting, high performance graphite fly rod ideal for the novice to intermediate fly angler and also make the perfect backup rod for those rare fishing expeditions. At prices like these, it's easy to justify filling out your arsenal with the Pursuit Series.

Pursuit Series Fly Rods feature fast-action, caramel-colored blanks constructed of a blend of high modulus graphites, finished with AAA grade cork handles, wood and anodized aluminum reel seat components, Pac Bay Aluminum Oxide stripping guides and chrome snake guides. Pursuit Fly Rods are available as 2- and 4-piece models. The two piece models are designated "-2" and the four piece models are designated "-4" at the end of the model number. All the models in weights 3, 4, 5 and 6 have a wood reel seat insert with silver aluminum hardware. All the models in weights 7, 8 and 9 have an anodized, silver aluminum reel seats with a 1" non-removable fighting butt. Alignment dots make for easy rod set up and each rod includes a hard Cordura rod tube.
Pursuit 2 Piece Fly Rod Specifications
ModelLengthLinePiecesHandleRod Wt.
PURSUIT 370-27' 0"3 wt.2A2.5 oz.
PURSUIT 480-28' 0"4 wt.2A2.7 oz.
PURSUIT 586-28' 6"5 wt.2A3.1 oz.
PURSUIT 590-29' 0"5 wt.2A3.0 oz.
PURSUIT 690-29' 0"6 wt.2A3.2 oz.
PURSUIT 890-29' 0"8 wt.2B4.2 oz.
PURSUIT 990-29' 0"9 wt.2B4.3 oz.


Pursuit 4 Piece Fly Rod Specifications
ModelLengthLinePiecesHandleRod Wt.
PURSUIT 376-47' 6"3 wt.4A2.6 oz.
PURSUIT 480-48' 0"4 wt.4A2.8 oz.
PURSUIT 586-48' 6"5 wt.4A3.2 oz.
PURSUIT 590-49' 0"5 wt.4A3.1 oz.
PURSUIT 690-49' 0"6 wt.4A3.3 oz.
PURSUIT 790-49' 0"7 wt.4B4.2 oz.
PURSUIT 7100-410' 0"7 wt.4B4.4 oz.
PURSUIT 890-49' 0"8 wt.4B4.4 oz.
PURSUIT 896-49' 6"8 wt.4B4.5 oz.
PURSUIT 990-49' 0"9 wt.4B4.6 oz.



Handle Styles
APursuit Fly Rod Handle A
BPursuit Fly Rod Handle B



Customer Reviews
Lagasse Fishing
Ithaca, NY
 Steelhead Stick
Pros: soft tip, good backbone, Affordable
Cons: I haven't foud one yet
Best Uses: Great lakes steelhead
Comments: Can't say enough about the 10ft 7wt. extremely light in the hand, great action although i would say its closer to moderate fast, than fast. great tip, with good backbone. protecting 4X and 5X tippet is no problem. extra length is great for mending and just nymphing great lakes chrome in general. You will not find another rod in this price range with this quality, and you will need to double the price before you can find one with a lifetime gaurentee. balances nicely with a Surge 7/8/9 if your looking for a full budget stick, or the newer model rise in 9/10 if you want something nicer. If you fish for chrome long enough YOU WILL BREAK A ROD. get one with a warranty. Love this rod
Palmyra, NY
 Love my Pursuit
Pros: Quality, Affordable
Comments: I purchased the 8wt. 9"6" 4pc. pursuit thinking it would be a perfect back up to my Sage. I now find myself reaching for the pursuit before my vantage for Great Lakes Steelhead and Browns. It is slightly stiffer (but not overly so) than the Sage and is perfect for dead drifting to tributary fish. It roll casts like a dream and is light enough to fish all day without fatigue. For larger water, I might try over lining it by one line size to help load the stiffer action, but that is a matter of casting style and ability. I believe that since Sage acquired Redington, they have put the same commitment to quality in their Redington line as they always have in the Sage brand.
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