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Raven Sickle Hooks

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Item #: F521200002

Raven Sickle Hooks utilize a chemically-sharpened beak point with a micro-barb to ensure the hook penetrates and stays put. These hooks are constructed of heavy-duty carbon steel with a strong bends. The sickle bend helps keep your live bait from riding up the hook, plus it locks the fish in place making it harder for the fish to shake free. Raven Sickle Hooks are designed with an up-eye and offset point, and they are great for a wide variety of fishing applications.

Features of Raven Sickle Hooks include:

  • Black nickel finish
  • Forged
  • Extra-strong carbon 110 steel
  • 45-degree up-turned eye
  • Bent shank
  • Special gape
  • 6-degree reversed offset
  • Micro-barb

Please note: These hook sizes run larger than traditional hook sizes. Ex. Size 10 is approximately the same size as a traditional Size 4.

Each package contains ten hooks.

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