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Color: Fluorescent Yellow
Color: Low-Vis Green
Color: Low-Vis Grey
Color: Fluorescent Pink
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Color: Fluorescent Yellow
Color: Low-Vis Green
Color: Low-Vis Grey
Color: Fluorescent Pink

Raven Main Line Monofilament Line


Raven Main Line Monofilament Line features excellent abrasion resistance and high breaking strength. The supple formulation and high buoyancy make it ideal for float fishing applications.

This line comes on 18 lb. spools. We stock Raven Main Line in 6 through 20 lb. tests in Fluorescent Yellow and Low-Vis Green. Fluorescent Pink and Low-Vis Grey are available in 6 through 15 lb. tests only. The 17 lb. test and 20 lb. test are available in Fluorescent Yellow and Low-Vis Green only.

Features of Raven Main Line Monofilament Line include:

  • Excellent abrasion resistance
  • High breaking strength
  • High buoyancy
  • Good for float fishing applications
Raven Main Line Monofilament Line
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Review Summary
(31 Reviews)
of customers would recommend this product.90%
Reviewer Profile:   Avid Fisher (14), Professional (2), Avid Angler (2)
Strong (16)
Easy To Handle (12)
Good For Variety Of Fish (5)
strong (5)
Casts Well (4)
Best Uses
Fresh Water (10)
SalmonSteelhead (3)
Center Pin (3)
Deep Water (2)
Shore Casting (2)

Customer Reviews
valparaiso, IN
Avid Angler
 Great line great $
Best Uses: Many!
Comments: Been using it for yrs!! Tried alotta others always go back to raven. Others may be slightly better depending on how particular you wanna get. But nothing constituting the price diff
'Ol Steve
Fossil, Oregon
 The only line for Center-pinning
Pros: Comes off the reel nice, Floateass wellhighly, Easy To Handle, strong
Best Uses: centerpinning
Comments: I use the center-pin setups a lot when bobber fishing for steelhead on the John Day River in Oregon. Our gear gets handled kinda rough by the clients, so it has to stand up and work at the highest levels.
Keyser, WV
 great value
Pros: strong, inexpensive, Casts Well
Best Uses: centerpin
Comments: Great inexpensive main line. Pink is very visible. Great for beginners who tend to get line twist.
Dunkirk, NY
 Great Line
Pros: strong, Casts Well
Best Uses: SalmonSteelhead
Comments: I love this line!!! Very durable and easy to see when float fishing for steelhead. This line casts very well and was recommended from a friend to try. I will always buy this line.
NE Wisconsin
Novice Angler
 great economical line.
Pros: cheap
Best Uses: float fishing
Comments: I'm new to center pinning but so far this has been great line. Stays limp and you get a ton of line for a little cost!
fishing guru
United States
used this on my spinning reel
Pros: no memory
Best Uses: spinning reels and center pin
Comments: i can cast almost twice as far anyone who does not like no memory line do not use im going to order 8 lb low vis green fish steelhead and browns in lake ontario and lake erie tribs love the line
 Breaks easy
Cons: Breaks easy
Comments: My experience with this line has be bad. After undoing a knot in this line, I took 2 casts and the line broke off.
Avid Angler
 Memory issues
Cons: memory problems
Comments: Used for my centerpin, but seems to retain too much memory and is very stiff in the 12lb. Switched over to using suffix elite as it has less memory.
saginaw michigan
 fishing line
Comments: This is the best line that I have used in a long time compared to what's on the market. I used it up perch fishing, salmon fishing and fishing for crapies.
fisher of men
 Not a big fan.
Comments: Love your floats and hooks raven but the line was no good for me. Memory was nasty. I loved the Suffix line I replaced it with.
Ont. Canada
 Highly Recommended
Pros: Comes off the reel nice, Playable, strong, hi-vis, Floats nicely
Best Uses: centerpin
Comments: I ordered 6lb fluorescent pink very strong line, Lots of line for the price.Excellent main line, abrasion resistance and good visability. I like this line so much I ordered 2 more spools in different colours.
western mass
 great line for the price
Pros: Easy To Handle, Casts Well
Best Uses: SalmonSteelhead
Comments: Just tried the 12 lb. for float fishing with spinning tackle and it performed pretty well. It doesn't loop/tangle off the spool like some more expensive lines I've used. Although the price and handling were better, it doesn't seem to hold up as well to abrasions as well as Suffix does and I lost more complete rigs than usual. I'll go with 14 lb next time or just be more vigilant in checking for nicks. All-in-all, a great line for the price.
Hemmy Sr
 Raven Monofilament line review
Pros: Plyable, strong, hi-vis, Comes off the reel nicely, Floats Really Well
Best Uses: Center Pin
Comments: We use Raven Mono for centerpinning on the lake ontario tribs river from Sept to May for salmon, steelhead trout. One of the big ticket requirements is that a centerpinning line must be durable to stand up to the extreme winter conditions also limp and plyable at the same time. Raven fits this bill perfectly and has allowed my son and I for many enjoyable centerpinning adventures. We've tried nearly all kinds of lines for centerpinning and have found that nearly all others fail to perform as well as the Raven lines do. One more item that is a real plus for centerpinning is having multi-colored, hi-vis lines that are easy to see in all types of light conditions.
West Michigan
 Nice line
Pros: low memory
Best Uses: Center Pin
Comments: Nice line
Fish With Jim Outfit
sheffield lake, ohio
Professional Angler
 Raven mainline works as well as anything
Pros: More Line For Your Money, Floats Really Well, Comparable To Siglon
Cons: Stiffer Than Siglon
Best Uses: Center Pin
Comments: Raven mainline is comparable to siglon and is a great line to be used for float fishing on either a center pin or spinning rod.
Gone Fishing Butch
North Adams MA
 I would buy this line again and again.
Pros: Easy To Handle, Good For Variety Of Fish, Strong
Best Uses: Fresh Water, Ice Fishing
Comments: I like the way it cast and less curl.
Northport, Mi
 No line twist when using on a canter pin
Pros: Easy To Handle, Strong
Comments: Lots of line for the price
Vancouver BC
 I would buy this product again
Pros: Strong, Good For Variety Of Fish
Best Uses: Fresh Water
Comments: Good mono for float fishing. Good price/quality .
Rochester, NY
Professional Angler
 ideal float fishing line
Pros: Strong, Easy To Handle
Best Uses: Fresh Water
Comments: Bought this line to try on my centerpin. I like this line very much bc most colored mono's ive tried twist nd tangle consistently, but since ive been using this line ive had zero prblems nd im extremly satisfied. Highly reccomend this line for float fishing
steelhead fisher
 float fishing
Pros: Strong
Comments: works great for float fishing for steelhead
Pros: Strong, Easy To Handle, Easy To Store, Good For Variety Of Fish
Walt-The Otter
 Raven Main Line Mono
Pros: Strong, Floats wellhighly, Best line for the price
Best Uses: Fresh Water
Comments: Large quantity spool with highly visible line. Strong yet suptle!
North Adams MA
 I would bye this product again
Pros: Good For Variety Of Fish, Strong
Best Uses: Fresh Water, Shore Casting
Comments: I being able to detect the siitist movement.
Randy H.
Coastal NC
 "Big bang for the bunks"
Pros: Strong, Looks Realistic, Good For Variety Of Fish, Easy To Store, Gd visibility day-night, Easy To Handle
Best Uses: Salt Water, Deep Water, Shore Casting, Jigging
Comments: I purchased this product for my wife who had promlems see her line both day and at night. Promblem Solved!!! I will continue to purchase this product for many years to come. A must have for the avid or recreational fisherman.
Brule River Pinner
Iron River, WI
 Raven Main Line
Pros: Strong
Best Uses: Fresh Water
Comments: I used Raven main line in 10lb yellow on my float set-up. It is easy to see, mends well and seems to have have great breaking strength. However, I wish it float a little better. When I envisioned a floating mono I thought it would ride a bit higher on the water. I am going to try the Siglon F and see how the two compare.
Carmel, NY
 Raven Float Line
Pros: Easy To Handle, Strong, Comes off the reel nicely
Best Uses: SalmonSteelhead
Comments: I used this product on a recent trip to the Salmon River in NY. It was used on a Diawa Excelor spinning reel, and performed flawlessly.
Sutton, VT
 Great main line for center pin
Pros: Easy To Handle, Strong
Best Uses: Fresh Water
Comments: This was the first line I put on my center pin reel and I really liked it. I tried other lines after mostly to try a different color, but came back to the Raven as none of the others compared. I wish it came in an orange or tangerine color. I would not recomend anything higher than 10lb for the center pin.
Ludlow, MA
 Cheap price, good quality
Pros: Good visibility, Casts Well, Easy To Handle, Strong, low memory
Best Uses: Fresh Water, Drifting floats to trout
Comments: This line is great for float fishing. It casts well, does not have a lot of memory, and has a low price. High visibility makes it easy to track the drift, but has not seemed to spook any fish that I have encountered. If you are into drifting floats, this is the line to buy; good quality, good strength, and the price is right. Six pound test on a spinning reel is the way I run this, would probably be even better on a centerpin rig.
Chrome Seeker
Salmon River NY
 I'm Raven bout Raven
Pros: Strong, Easy To Handle
Best Uses: Fresh Water
Comments: Useing it on center pin reels, great strenght and abrasion resistance and good visability to me and not the fish. Strong like Bull !
Macungie, PA
 Highly Recommended
Pros: Strong, Easy To Store
Best Uses: Deep Water, Fresh Water
Comments: Excellent main line, strong and duable. Would recommend to friend
centre pinner
would buy this product again
Pros: Easy To Handle, Strong
Comments: use this on my centre pin to fish northwest indiana and michigan streams and small to medium rivers.casts great,easy to handle side casting,can see it well,no problems even in cold weather
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